The application has requested runtime to terminate it in an unusual way

This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an inexplicable means. Please contact the application"s assistance team for more information.

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What does this error message actually mean?

Let me use a parable to describe precisely what i"m asking.

If I see a message:

Exception: access violation (0xc0000005), Address 0x702be865

This accessibility violation has nopoint to execute through sexual harassment, or someone trying to break right into my computer system (any kind of even more than General Faiattract was a brigadier general who was trying to read my C drive, or that you can be hauled off to jail for performing an illegal operation in Windows 95).

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In this situation, access violation corresponds to the continuous EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION (declared in winbase.h through value 0xC0000005). This constant one feasible exception error code that deserve to be reverted in an EXCEPTION_RECORD framework. The code ACCESS_VIOLATION means that the regimen tried to check out or create to an deal with in memory that it shouldn"t be. If you attempt to review from a memory address that was never before alsituated, then you"re doing something horribly poor - and also the exception tells you so.

It is usually resulted in when a regimen has a tip to memory that is not, or is no longer, valid. The solution is stop trying to access memory that isn"t valid.

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Note: I"m not asking:

why is regime x gaining a C0000005 error? why is my code gaining an accessibility violation? how execute I debug an accessibility violation?

So if I asked you, what causes an access violation, you wouldn"t tell me to inspect the stack trace, or watch the output window, or to short article sample code. You would certainly say, "It is from trying to accessibility memory that isn"t valid."

Back to my question

What does the adhering to error mean:

This application has asked for the Runtime to terminate in an inexplicable method.

I am (fairly) certain that the Microsoft Visual C Runtime library does not have actually a function:

void TerminateRuntime(bool UnusualWay);So I have to try to figure out what it actually means:

What does it mean to terminate the visual C runtime library? (msvcrt is a dll; you do not terminate it, you just do not use it anymore)What would certainly be a usual way to terminate MSVCRT? Would someone choose to terminate it in an unusual way?Is today"s unusual method actually a lengthy considering that deprecated form of what offered to be the usual way?If I was (mistakenly) terminating it in an unusual means, what would I do to terminate it in the usual way?

In various other words: what error is the MSVCRT catching, and hiding behind the unindevelopmental error message?