Teredo tunneling pseudo interface cannot start

The problem: On a Windows 7 based computer system after installation of the Microsoft Tereperform Tunneling Adapter (as explained in this post), tereexecute tunneling adapter doesn"t job-related and also shows up via a yellow exclamation note in tool manager. Throughout this behavior, the Tereperform tunneling gadget condition screens "The device cannot start (Code 10)." To fix error Code 10 for the device at Tereexecute tunneling Adapter, follow the actions listed below.

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This tutorial fixes the adhering to issues in tool manager:

Microsoft Teredo Tunneling Adapter cannot start – error: Code 10Teredo Tunneling Pseuperform Interconfront – error: Code 10


How to resolve Tereexecute Tunneling Error Code 10 (Device cannot start).


Tip 1. Modify TCPIPv6 Parameters through Windows Registry.

Important: For preventative purposes, constantly create a restore allude prior to editing the registry. If after registry modification, something goes wrong then reclaim your mechanism to this reclaim suggest.

To produce a gain back point:

a. Type Create a reclaim point at the search box and then click the result.


b. Then click the Create button, to immediately develop a reclaim allude.


To modify TCPIPv6 Parameters in Windows Registry:

1. Open Windows Regisattempt Editor. To perform that:

Type “regedit” and push Enter.

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2. Inside Windows Registry, navigate (from the left pane) and also highlight this vital.



3. At the best pane, double-click to modify the DisabledMaterials vital.


4. Set the DisabledComponents Value information to 0 (Zero) and also select OK.


5. Close Registry Editor.

6. Rebegin your computer.

(Windows should reinstall Tereexecute Tunneling adapter automatically.)

7. Navigate to gadget monitoring.

8. Check if the Teredo tunneling adapter exists and working in tool manager. To perform that:

From the View food selection select Sjust how surprise devices.

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If the device manager"s display does not display any errors (and is without an exclamation mark) next to MS Tereperform Tunneling Adapter (prefer the screen below), then your problem is fixed and also the Tereperform tunneling need to work-related without troubles.

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If you challenge a display through a yellow exclamation mark next to Microsoft Tereexecute Tunneling adapter (or the Tereexecute Tunneling Pseudo Interface) like the screen(s) listed below proceed to Tip 2.



Step 2: Uninstall all Tereperform Tunneling Adapters & Interencounters.

1. Right-Click and Uninstall the Tereperform Tunneling Pseudo-Interface.


2. Uninstall likewise all Microsoft Terecarry out Tunneling Adapters (e.g. Microsoft Teredo Tunneling Adapter #2 or #3 or #4, etc.)


3. Re-install Microsoft Tereexecute Tunneling Adapter by following the actions from this tutorial: How to install Microsoft Tereexecute Tunneling Adapter

4. If after re-installing terecarry out tunneling, you still have difficulties then proceed to Step 3.

Tip 3. Enable Terecarry out Client making use of NETSH command

1. Go to Start > All Programs > Accessories.

2. Right click at Command also Prompt and also select Run as Administrator

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3. At command prompt window kind the adhering to commands in this order and also push Go into after keying each among them.

netshint teredoset state disabledint ipv6set tereexecute client


4. Cshed command prompt.

5. Open Device manager.


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Select View > Sjust how Hidden Devices. The Teredo Tunneling Pseudo Interconfront reappears and also need to be functioning without troubles currently.