Tcp ip is not enabled for this connection


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"TCP/IP is not allowed for this connection".

(3 posts)Started 10 years earlier by elh9615aTopic Viewed 7613 times

I"m going nuts here - I have Dell Latitude E6400 laptop through a fresh install of XP Pro SP3.

My wiremuch less connection appears to work-related fine - I can attach to websites without any difficulties - but as soon as I plug in my LAN cable at house no connections.

The LAN connection tells me it"s connected,firewall, however once I click "Repair" I"m told that "TCP/IP is not permitted for this connection".

I have actually reloaded SP3, tried updating driver however states I have actually the latest driver. Should I uninstall "Microsoft Security Essentials" test my connection then re-install "MSE" I haven"t tried ant 3rd party netjob-related fixes as I"m hestiate.

Suggestion are dudley welcome!!

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Theres two things you deserve to attempt to begin through

1. go to Device Manager and also check out if there are any yellow warning indications in the list, if tright here are click the expand button + to view the device an extra icon may appear on the menu bar that claims Shave the right to for Hardware Changes click that.

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2. perform a forced shutdvery own by holding the off button for 5+ secs, reboot and also tap F8 on begin up till you check out the Advanced Options menu, pick Last Known Good Configuration.

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First make certain all your chauffeurs are set up in the "gadget manager" that being up your netoccupational relations in regulate panel and also go to the properties of your wired connection that the worry is must then view a box through sever before items and check boxesmake sure the TCP/IP V4 is checked and then open up it and also make certain whatever is set to automatic.

Hopetotally that fixes it.

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