Taskkill there is no running instance of the task


Summary to the Problem

This post discusses remedies to this error message:

Unable to Terminate Process

The procedure can not be completed.

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Access is denied.

I gained that error message as soon as I tried to kill a process in Windows Task Manager. To gain into Windows Task Manager, I can use Ctrl-Alt-Del > Start Task Manager, or I can usage the Run dialog. To gain the Run dialog, I can usage the Start Menu or the Windows key. The Windows crucial was the one near the bottom ideal and/or bottom left corner of the keyboard, through a picture of a Microsoft home window on it. (I will commonly refer to the Windows essential as WinKey or just Win-.) In the Run dialog, I typed taskmgr.exe. My Run dialog was precollection to commence jobs with administrator privileges. I had the ability to preset it that means by taking additional steps.

Once I remained in Windows Task Manager, I can or can not see the troublesome routine noted in the Applications tab. If I did, I might right-click that regimen and choose Go to Process. Alternately, I could simply go right into the Processes tab and scroll dvery own till I experienced the troublesome procedure underlying that regimen.

In this certain instance, I was trying to kill firefox.exe. I was running a portable variation of Firefox, and also for some factor the Firefox application would disappear from the Applications tab in Task Manager once I tried to cshed Firefox, but firefox.exe would certainly reprimary in the Processes tab list. In that list, I might right-click firefox.exe and also pick End Process or End Process Tree, and that’s as soon as I would certainly gain the error message presented over.

It appeared tbelow could be some remedies or workarounds that would certainly be certain to Firefox. Another post explores those possibilities. This short article is more pertained to with the generic trouble of having a process, be it Firefox or somepoint else, that is ssuggest unwilling to die. I was making use of Windows 7 x64, however it showed up that many individuals had run right into this same error message through many kind of programs under assorted versions of Windows over a duration of years.

Sometimes, when I had actually this error, I could restart Firefox. In that case, I would certainly have even more than one Firefox entry in the Processes list in Task Manager. I was the majority of most likely to notice the problem while making use of Firefox Portable. So in Task Manager, tbelow might be even more than one circumstances of firefox.exe, or tbelow could be firefox.exe plus FirefoxPortable.exe, or both. At other times, I would certainly have actually only one instance of firefox.exe, however it would not go amethod, and also its visibility appeared to be maintaining Firefox from refounding.

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I did find that I could terminate the procedure by rebooting the device. The objective below was to discover a way of terminating the process without having to reboot.

Process-Killing Tools

Tbelow appeared to be quite a few utilities designed to kill procedures. I liked Daphne as a GUI tool bereason it had a tarobtain that I might drag and drop onto the window of a running regimen, if that regimen refsupplied to die. Other GUI job killers included Process Lasso, Kill Process, AnVir, Process Hacker, Process Explorer, Task Blocker, RKill, and KillProcess. Command-line job killers had taskkill, PsKill, and also kill.exe. The last was accessible through Windows 7 SDK > GRMSDK_EN_DVD.iso > unzip using a zip regimen choose WinRar > go into the WinSDKDebuggingTools_amd64 folder (or an additional surrounding, if this one won’t run on your machine) > run dbg_amd64_6.11.1.404.msi, or whatever it is called in your desired folder > go to the output folder you have actually designated > discover and extract kill.exe > delete the remainder.

Taskkill did offer me some information, as soon as I tried it:

X:>taskkill /T /F /IM firefox.exeERROR: The procedure via PID 12616 (son procedure of PID 12560) could not be terminated.Reason: Tright here is no running instance of the job.It seemed, in other words, that some other regimen (possibly FirefoxPortable.exe) had spawned the firefox.exe procedure, and then the spawning routine had gone ameans, but for some reason the kid process was left behind as an orphan. The kid was not only an orphan; it additionally showed up to be dysuseful. Specifically, I noticed that the firefox.exe procedure was the just running process that did not display anything in the Description column in Task Manager.

Another command-line approach wregarding usage Windows PowerCovering. To start PowerCovering, I used Win-R > powershell. How-To Geek shelp one alternative was to kind this:

kill -processname firefox.exeAnother approach wregarding form this:

kill -id Taskkill (above) seemed to provide me some PIDs I might use in the latter kill command also. Apparently “kill” was shorthand for “Stop-Process,” which would certainly also supposedly occupational with either Stop-Process -Name firefox.exe or Stop-Process -ID 2668 (or whatever the PID happened to be). My attempts through taskkill had argued, but, that tbelow was no PID (i.e., Process ID): in the example quoted above, Windows had actually sassist tright here was no running instance of PID 12616. Regardless, PowerCovering did not resolve the problem in this case.

Amongst the GUI programs noted over, Process Hacker appeared to take an especially thoturbulent method. I tried Process Hacker > Processes tab > click Name column heading to type by name > right-click on firefox.exe > Miscellaneous > Terminator > Run schosen (nearly all boxes schosen by default). This would certainly apparently attempt multiple techniques of killing the procedure. Unfortunately, that Terminator failed, also once I checked the 2 kill techniques that were not checked by default in the Terminator box.

Miscellaneous Suggestions

In my looking, I ran numerous other possible remedies. I tried some of them. Here are some of those suggestions and a summary of what taken place, for those that I tried:

There were the unavoidable suggestions to run various virus scans and malware testers, perhaps after booting Windows in Safe Setting.At leastern for difficulties through Spotify, another user discovered that turning off all netjob-related adapters in Netjob-related and also Sharing Center made it possible to kill the regimen. Someone argued also killing VPN relations.Someone said going into Task Manager > right-click on the unkillable process > Properties > Previous Versions tab > pick the most recent previous version > Open. That just opened an circumstances of Windows Explorer, focused on the System32 folder. It was not clear what next measures I need to take at that allude.Someone said the difficulty emerged after the machine had actually been locked (e.g., Ctrl-Alt-Del > Lock this computer). To test this, I restarted the machine and also ran it without locking it. Several days later on, the difficulty had not recurred. At initially, I believed this might be the problem, but then it began to look like a Firefox extension was the reason.Tright here was a pointer to unplug all USB gadgets.

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As noted above, the other post pursues Firefox-specific measures in even more information.