Task image is corrupt or has been tampered with 0x80041321

The 0x80041321 error is an error via the Task Scheduler organization. The message that comes via it is “The Task photo is corrupt or has actually been tampered with”, and also it tells you that you are taking care of a corrupt reserved backup task. The Task Scheduler service is responsible for the scheduling, and it is possible to try to prepare tasks without it given that it works through the file device to keep information. However before, it might not recognize some of the work, and it is extremely most likely to refusage running tasks that have been messed with, causing the abovementioned message.

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This error generally shows up when you’re trying to connumber a backup of your Windows 7 OS, and also without resolving it, you won’t actually acquire incredibly much, as Task Scheduler recognizes the photo as corrupt and refuses to carry out anything via it, rendering your stuck, and also the image usemuch less.

Tright here are a few approaches that you can attempt to fix this concern, and also they all in some means reset the Task Scheduler job or delete the picture, so it deserve to create a brand-new, non-corrupt one and also proceed functioning. You can attempt any kind of, or all of the techniques mentioned listed below, one of them will surely help you deal with your problem.


Method 1: Refresh ‘User_Feed_Synchronization’

The ‘User_Feed_Synchronization’ task is the job that updates RSS feeds in Web Explorer 7/8. However, since it is likewise an automated job and also functions with the Task Scheduler, disabling and permitting it may help your worry. For this, you will certainly require an elevated command prompt, Click Start -> Type cmd and choose Run As Administrator. In the home window that opens, kind the following commands, each one followed by pushing Get in on your keyboard:

msfeedssync disable

msfeedssync enable

These regulates will certainly disable, and also then permit, respectively, the User_Feed_Synchronization task. Once you’re done, cshed the elevated command prompt and try backing up aacquire.

Method 2: Delete the WindowsBackup file

Option 1: Manually, using the file explorer

If this file is corrupt, the Task Scheduler will certainly refuse to work-related via it. What you can do is locate it, manually delete it and let the Task Scheduler produce a new one. The first point you have to carry out is navigate to the folder wbelow the file is situated. Open My Computer, and also open up the partition where your Operating System is mounted (generally the C: drive). Once inside, navigate inside the following folders:

Windows -> System32 -> Tasks -> Microsoft -> Windows -> WindowsBackup

Inside the folder, you will check out the WindowsBack-up file you need to delete. Before you delete it, but, take a backup on a different area – this will make sure you still have the file in case somepoint goes wrong. Once you’re done through the backup, delete the file. Try backing up your mechanism aget, and watch whether the worry shows up aget.

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Option 2: Via an elevated command prompt

You deserve to open an elevated command prompt by opening the Start menu, and inputting cmd. Right-click on the result (cmd), and also pick Run as Administrator. You will certainly must navigate to the WindowsBack-up with the complying with command:

cd %windir%system32 asksMicrosoftWindowsWindowsBackup

Now that you’re inside the correct folder, type the complying with regulates to delete the files:

del AutomaticBackup

del “Windows Back-up Monitor”

When you’re done via this, you need to close the command also prompt and also refounding the backup aacquire, by opening the Backup and also Resave Center from the Control Panel. You should currently have the ability to perdevelop a backup without any kind of problems.

Method 3: Delete the job from the Task Scheduler

Deleting the job does pretty much the very same point as deleting the files from the WindowsBack-up folder, so it’s excellent to recognize this alternative as a backup approach. First you should open the Task Scheduler, and the easiest means to carry out this is by pushing Start on your keyboard, keying Task Scheduler and hitting Get in. In the window that opens, you will certainly view a navigating pane to the left. Use the dropdowns to navigate to:

Task Scheduler Library -> Microsoft -> Windows -> WindowsBackup

Once you’re inside this folder, delete both the Automatic Backup and the Windows Backup Monitor tasks. When done, close the Task Scheduler, and try to rebegin the backup from the Backup and also Resave Center.

Method 4: Delete the Schedule key and all of its subtricks from the regisattempt

If you feel safe editing and enhancing and also modifying the regisattempt on your computer system, this is another strategy that helps with the 0x80041321 issue. You could want to ago up your regisattempt, simply in case.

First points first, open the Regisattempt Editor. This is done by pressing at the same time Windows and R on your keyboard, inputting regedit in the Run window that opens up, then press Enter. To the left you will certainly see a navigation pane, usage it to browse to the complying with location:

HKLMSOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrent VersionSchedule

Delete the Schedule crucial, along with its subsecrets. Save your transforms and exit the registry editor. You have the right to now try aobtain to check out whether the Task Scheduler works as it’s supposed to.

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The 0x80041321 error message has become a widespread sighting, yet it is nopoint to be afrassist of. You have the right to use any of the previously mentioned approaches to help you deal with it, after which you will certainly have the ability to continue with your Windows backup without any type of difficulties.