System_service_exception fltmgr.sys

Fltmgr.sys is the procedure code for the Filter Manager file which is responsible for making certain that all files and also folders saved in the tough drive are stored at the correct position. In case this procedure falls short, the device would cease to job-related, hence pushing towards a Blue Display of Death error:

SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION (fltmgr.sys) Blue Display error



The a lot of understandable reason behind this error is that the driver responsible for interaction in between the CPU and also the hardware malfunctioned. This reasons direct communication between the CPU and the hardware, however, that bypasses the fltmgr.sys procedure.

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Note: You could need to enter the mechanism in Safe Setting. The procedure for logging to the system in Safe Setting is described here.

While this worry is tough to settle, we can attempt the complying with troubleshooting steps:

Preliminary steps

1> Update Windows: Updating Windows both updates the chauffeurs and also fixes the difficulty if it because of a well-known cause.


2> Run the Blue Display Troubleshooter: Go to Settings >> Updays and also Security >> Troubleshoot. Run the Blue Screen Troubleshooter from the list.

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Thereafter, proceed via the adhering to solutions:

1} Run an SFC scan

2} Run a CHKDSK scan

Solution 1> Run an SFC scan

Due to the fact that the concern is through the Filter Manager file, we can perform an SFC shave the right to to repair the file. The procedure for an SFC shave the right to is described right here.

Equipment 2> Run a CHKDSK scan

The fltmgr.sys procedure is connected with the tough drive. Running a CHKDSK scan can help check negative sectors of the tough drive and settle them if feasible. Here’s the procedure for a CHKDSK shave the right to.

Rest we can try updating the chauffeurs when the Blue Display error gets readdressed. However before, the concern is through the fltmgr.sys process and also the Filter Manager file, not the chauffeurs themselves.

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