System_service_exception asmtxhci.sys

I builtmy pc in December 2015 and also have had actually miscellaneous BSODS. The a lot of widespread and currently continuous repeat is System_Service_Exception (asmtxhci.sys). I"ve review that its due to SKYPE, or the ASUS BIOS USB3.1 controller. I"ve had actually nopoint but compatibility issues with this MB and also my one and also just OS win 10 house 64. Please help! :)!AncwGYUBxvIGoFUg8TB9ovaiTkLJ!AncwGYUBxvIGoFZjn75XhjS1urHm

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Hey, I have have the very same issue.. Idk how to fix it yet for a short-lived solve... which is fairly annoying . I device regain it to the last known well functioning suggest. But if you rebegin... it blue display screens aobtain. So idk.. Thats my short-lived "fix" been searching for services also.


I realize the inconvenience you are encountering. Let me help you in reresolving the issue.

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The SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION bug check indicates that an exemption taken place while executing a regime that transitions from non-privileged code to privileged code. This error has actually been attached to too much paged pool intake and might happen as a result of user-mode graphics driver’s crossing over and also passing bad data to the kernel code. Suggest you to examine for the latest chauffeurs for your tool from Manufacturer webwebsite. If you uncover them, then rearea the existing driver and watch if it cures the problem.

I indicate you to refer the connect listed below and also examine if that helps:


I alsosuggest you describe the following article on Troubleshoot blue display screen errors and also check if it helps.

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Reference: Refer to the following Wiki article produced by ZigZag3143 (MS - MVP) onBlue Display of Death (BSOD).


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