System restore could not find the offline boot volume

On my computer (self-build) I was trying to install Ubuntu Linux via Windows 10 already my primary OS. I regulated to perform so but after that Windows 10 couldn"t boot up (it was booting for hours with no outcome as it typically boots for 5-10 seconds). I tried tons of fixes virtual and none operated. Here is my existing position now: I have actually the home windows 10 disc, I cant boot right into Linux (I do not understand why, probably one of the fixes I tried brought about that)Here is the output of every little thing I try:

Recollection this COMPUTER (save my files): "The drive wbelow Windows is installed is locked. Unlock the drive and try aget."

System Restore: "System Resave can not uncover the offline boot volume. Please ensure it is presently available.

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So my C: Drive is locked somejust how and is preventing me from reestablishing of making use of system regain. I don"t recognize whether this is what is avoiding me from booting home windows though.

Please deserve to anyone help me at all - Thanks.

P.S. I only have actually one SATA HDD difficult drive.

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Try measures proposed to deal with locked Windows drive.

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You would certainly check partition for errors, then attempt to settle boot connected papers and also if this does not aid try offline repair of mechanism files. These actions are outlined on link offered.

Create a Microsoft Windows 10 DVD or USB by utilizing Media Creation tool (if you do not have actually installation media).

answered Aug 5 "16 at 8:32

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