System repair disk could not be created

I am trying to make a device repair disk in Windows 7 ultimate and store obtaining the adhering to error " Sysytem repair disk can not be created the parameter is incorrect (0x80070057)" I have showed the DVD RW drive i amd trying to usage is functioning properly via existing vehicle drivers set up and also I have showed I have the most recent updates using windows upday. Any assist would certainly be substantially appreciated.

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B) Go to action 3.

Method 2:Open theControl Panel (All Items view),and also click on the Back-up and Restore symbol.

A) Click on theCreate a System recovery disc attach in the left blue pane. (See screenswarm below)


3.Insert a blank CD or DVD right into your CD/DVD drive and click on theCreate disc button. (See screenshot below)NOTE: If you are triggered to insert a Windows installation disc, it suggests that the files required to create the device repair disc cannot be found on your computer. Insert a Windows 7 installation disc.


4. It will currently begin creating the System Repair Disc. (See screenshot below)NOTE: If a AutoPlay home window pops up, just cshed it.



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When it"s finimelted, click on the Close switch. (See screenshot below)


6. Click on OK. (See screenshot below)


7.Remove and label your brand-new Windows 7 System Repair Disc from the CD/DVD drive.

Thanks and Regards:

Suresh Kumar- Support.

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