Surface pro 4 trackpad not working

We did a post on Keyboard Problems with Surchallenge Tablets a while earlier but we were focused on the kind and also touch key-boards overall. However, lately, some folks have been reporting troubles in miscellaneous technology forums stating that their keyboard is working fine yet the track pad is not.

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If you’re having actually Surconfront kind cover touchpad concerns and already tried the actions outlined in the key-board problems post but the difficulties persist, this short article will aid you out. If you haven’t tried the over steps yet, follow the connect and also try those initially.

OK, let’s get to the meat of this article. I’m going to lay out, in order, the measures you need to take to recognize and correct your Surchallenge touchpad problems.

First Thing to Try: Update and Restart

If you already stepped through the keyboard problems write-up, you have the right to skip this as it was a action tbelow. However before, if you didn’t, sindicate check for updates then rebegin your Surconfront. You’ll be surprised how frequently that will solve difficulties.

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Second Thing to Try: Check your Touchpad settings

Touchpad glitches might incredibly well be caused by the settings for the touchpad being messed up. If you have a newer Touch Cover (or Power Cover) and also a Surchallenge 2/Pro 2 or more recent, you can access many type of of the touchpad settings from the COMPUTER settings food selection.

Here’s how to readjust touchpad settings in PC settings:

Make certain the cover is attached to your SurfaceSwipe in from the right edge of the display screen to carry up the Charms Menu and also tap SettingsTap Change PC settingsTap or click PC and also devicesTap or click Mouse and also touchpad


Pay distinct attention to the two alternatives noted through the arrows. The if the Touchpad is turned off for some reason, it obviously wont work.

The second setting could address a complaint I’ve heard prior to where the computer mouse “jiggles” or “jumps” while inputting. This can be because the touchpad wrongly detects a tap. By default the establishing is medium delay but you might discover that your trouble goes away if you set it to Long delay or also Turn off taps.

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If you have an older touch or type cover and/or a Surface Pro (original) or Surface RT, you wont have the ability to accessibility the settings under PC Setups as described above. Instead, you’ll need the Trackpad Setups app from the Windows Store.