Surface pro 4 overheating fix

Alideal, so I newly had to attempt a settle with a Microsoft Surchallenge Pro 4 food preparation itself in it’s own juices. This was for a client repair project and will only resolve the issue through software program. The overheating trouble is a hardware concern and cannot be solved completely by software, yet with this overview, you can at least tackle the trouble partly.

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What we’re going to carry out is knock down the CPU’s frequency rate so that it doesn’t warm up as much.

Before you begin, I strongly recommfinish you download and install HWMonitor or HWInfo64. Also gain the Unigine Valley Benchnote which will location an excellent stressful workpack on the CPU as well as the GPU. However I strongly execute not recommfinish utilizing Prime95 or any kind of other “burn-in” devices on tablet gadgets in this case.

Leave HWInfo64’s Sensors Window or HWMonitor open in the time of your diagnostics. This makes it a lot less complicated to understand just how warm your poor Surface Pro 4 is acquiring.

A little background on the overheating issue

From what I gather, the Surface Pro 4 has actually a large style flaw that leads to warm to develop up, ultimately resulting in the display screen to begin ghosting and the back to gain very warm. You might likewise notification stuttering and also very negative performance or battery life due to the warmth affecting the processor’s clock speed, and so on.

You deserve to tell it’s overheating once the ago of the tool is extremely hot, and the screen glass being a tiny also warm to touch.

Google “surchallenge pro 4 overheating issue” or “surconfront pro 4 display ghosting” and also you’ll discover many angry/disappointed/grumpy civilization complaining about it. And trying to relocation the thermal paste on this tablet is a nightmare – just inspect out iFixit’s guide for what I expect by a “nightmare”.

Preparing the fix

Firstly, let’s start through the basics. We must obtain into the classic regulate panel. The easiest means of doing that is sindicate double clicking “Control Panel” if it’s on the desktop (and also it’s not by default), or pushing Windows Key + R and also inputting “control”, then pushing enter or clicking OK:


You need to be greeted through the following:


Now click “Power Options” and also it’ll carry you to this screen:


On the left, select “Create Power Plan” and choose an existing one as a base. For this instance, we’re going to usage “Balanced” as a default. I don’t have actually accessibility to the client’s Surface Pro 4 however if you only have one profile, let’s just roll through that.


Hit following, and it’ll ask you a bunch of stuff. Choose sane defaults. Keep hitting Next/Create.

You’ll be taken ago to the food selection choose before, however this time you’ll check out Diagnostic (or whatever you referred to as it) will certainly be currently active.


So much so excellent.

Administering the (software) fix.

You gained this far. Congratulations.

Now this component is a little technical and may even bring about you having actually to execute Registry Editing. Yes, that suggests we can have to carry out surgical procedure on the beating heart of Windows, which is the Registry.

Now I’m not going to go out on a limb and say that you have to never before touch the registry and also blah blah blah because those others websites favor to develop are afraid in the reader, but please perform keep a backup. Back-up your vital shit – records, etc.

Don’t sue me if the registry modification doesn’t work-related – while I tested on a client’s Surchallenge Pro 4, region differences or various versions of Windows 10 might not have the same results.

I recognize you’re despeprice for a solve and also that’s why you came below. I’ll try to host your hand as a lot as I deserve to through this component, yet please don’t bite it off. That’s all.

On the exact same Power Options screen, click the link next to the energetic profile that claims “Change arrangement settings”. This will certainly lug up an additional display, on this screen you want to select “Change progressed power settings”.


After doing that, you have to view something favor this:


This is wbelow the road forks right into 2 courses.

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I will certainly detail both forks. To identify which fork you should take, you must check the home window as displayed over and also check out if you have something dubbed “Processor Power Management”. Do you see this on your window? If yes, continue listed below. Otherwise, go to fork choice 2.

Roadway Fork 1: Easy Modo

Pay attention to the photo above. You need to watch a few options that we have to modify. They are “Minimum Processor State”, “System Cooling Policy”, and also “Maximum Processor State”. Do you have these options?

If yes, continue below. Otherwise, go to fork choice 2.

Now, if you have two sets of worths for Plugged In and also On Battery, then set BOTH to the very same value. Do not leave one at 50% and one at 100%. That will certainly defeat the purpose of this whole exercise. Set the shown values to the following values:

Minimum Power State: 5%System Cooling Policy: PassiveThis will slow dvery own the processor once it’s getting toasty, fairly than trying to save running at complete throttle. I am not certain if the Surface Pro 4 has actually a fan inside it. Regardless, the CPU should be trying to throttle down once it’s getting also hot.Maximum Processor State: 50% – 75%.

What this alternative does is borders your top clock speed. Here’s a better explaination:

If your Surconfront 4 CPU’s base clock is 2.20Ghz, then we will certainly limit the maximum clock speed to 50% – 75% of that clock speed, which is around 1.1Ghz – 1.65Ghz. I found about 65 – 70% the sweet spot in between warmth production and also processing power.

Keep in mind that underclocking your processor, which is what we are doing, is acceptable for basic use. You won’t lose also much processing power though, you shouldn’t be utilizing a tablet for hardcore stuff anyway…

In additon, I believe this also stops Intel Turbo Boost which is the CPU’s own increase mode. For instance, my clients’ Surchallenge Pro 4 went from 2.20Ghz to around 3Ghz through this permitted. When it remained in the rise state the temperatures quickly climbed and the tool started overheating.

Once complete, click Apply, then OK. If require be, click “Save Changes” again on the Power Options window. Now you must be taken earlier to the Power Options window. Make certain the profile in usage aacquire, then cshed Power Options. Reboot your Surconfront Pro 4.

Once logged earlier in, open HWInfo64 Sensors or HWMonitor again, and examine the temperature of the CPU. In the below screenshot I’m making use of HWMonitor, but I’ve highlighted the data you need to keep an eye on:


Roadway Fork 2: Hard Modo

This is the fork I had to take with my client’s Surface Pro 4 considering that the Surchallenge Integration appeared to take over controls of the power alternatives, and also I couldn’t set them. We’ll have to break out the regisattempt editor. Windows Key + R to victory, enter “regedit” and also press Enter/click OK.


In the height bar, you have to enter:HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlPower…and press Get in.

Then double click a entry dubbed CSEnabled and change the information to 0, then press OK favor so:


Cshed Registry Editor, and rebegin your computer. Then, follow the actions as noted in fork 1.

Important Note: For whatever before factor as soon as I did this on my client’s Surface Pro 4, the Sleep and also Hibernate alternatives disappeared. Pressing the power button would shut down the tablet instead of putting it to sleep. Your mileage may vary. Make certain as soon as you’re done, you recollection the CSEnabled information worth to 1 and then reboot.

Aftermath: Checking if we’re getting toasty again

With every little thing done, if your tablet is already as well warm and also ghosting then please shut it dvery own, allow it to cool for 30 minutes to an hour, then boot it back up. We desire to run it from a “cold” or “cool” thermal state.

Once logged back into the tablet, boot up the HWMonitor application and watch the temperatures. Check to encertain the power alternatives have stuck.

Boot up the Unigine Valley Benchmark and also run it with Basic Setups. Let it run for a while, I ran it windowed at 1920×1080 and also also had the temperature sensor window on the display also.

In my tests, the tablet would idle about 30 – 35°C, sometimes spiking to mid 40s when miscellaneous applications were running. As soon as the temperatures peaked roughly 60 – 75°C the display screen would begin ghosting. However, after using the settings it wouldn’t hit 60°C… even after 7 hours of Unigine’s Valley Benchnote on my bench.

If you can leave the tablet idle for about 30 minutes to an hour without any display flickering or ghosting, then you have the right to pat yourself on the back.

Just store in mind that you more than likely need to take into consideration obtaining a replacement as this is a recognized defect via the Surface Pro 4. But if you can’t afford a replacement appropriate now and/or you desire to store nursing your Surconfront along, then I hope this guide was of some usage to you.

Other amazing thoughts…

If you obtain into your Surchallenge UEFI Setup Tool using holding SHIFT down while clicking Restart, then picking Advanced Startup Options and also then in search of a UEFI Setup option, tright here is a choice to disable the Hyper Thanalysis part of the CPU. Because tablet Core i5 and also i7 are not true quad-core Processors (rather either 2 genuine cores, 4 hardware threads or 4 cores, 4 threads), turning off Hyper Threading will make you shed 2 hardware threads.

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On an i5 CPU, that would suppose you only check out 2 Processors, instead of 4 Processors. This can be a amazing venue to aid prevent even more warm, but you carry out shed some processing power.

If you discovered this overview beneficial and it reresolved your issue at least temporarily, please think about a coffee at my Ko-Fi profile. Completely optional, however give thanks to you for your support!