Surface pro 4 fan control

A few days earlier an amazing picture popped up on the internet reflecting how the Surconfront Pro 4 cooling device works.

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In case you didn’t recognize, the Surface Pro 4 (and Surconfront Publication for that matter) provides what Microsoft is calling a liquid hybrid cooling device. This ingenious device helps save the Surface Pro 4 cooler and also lessened the require for the cooling fan to run. This reduces noise and also renders the battery last much longer.

Surconfront Pro 4 Cooling: Then

This technology isn’t new, the Surconfront Pro 3 actually sported a small water cooled “horseshoe” that brought heat from the CPU to the cooling fan. However, it caused a focused hotspot in the upper right-hand edge of the device. You have the right to view what it looked prefer in the illustration below:


Surchallenge Pro 4 Cooling: Now

The Surchallenge Pro 4 has a various mechanism that boils/evaporates liquid inside a metal tube that touches the processor. That vapor then travels to two places inside the tablet where it is condensed back into a liquid, cooling the gadget.

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One of those areas is the fan which handles around 40% of the warm, and the various other is a radiator plate under the kickstand which handles the staying 60% of the heat. You have the right to see it in the illustration listed below (click for bigger version):


Due to the fact that the radiator plate under the kickstand also handles the majority of the warmth pack, the fan rarely requirements to run, unmuch less perdeveloping demanding work prefer gaming or rendering 3D graphics.

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Cool huh? (yes, it’s a pun)



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