Surface pro 4 boot loop

Symptom: Surface Pro 4 will certainly not boot. Words "Surface" flashes every 4 secs. Will not respond to holding the power switch down.

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Fix: Allow unit to flash until battery dies. Put tool on its side through something under the power button to store it depressed. Prop it up and also leave it like this overnight. Charge battery for 15 minutes or so and power on.

Fixed mine.


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Yep, we have actually these concerns all the time through ours. A lot of times they never turn back on till you organize the power switch dvery own for favor 15 minutes.


Have you tried the holding the power button and volume up bottons? This is exactly how you execute a difficult reboot. Works for us.


I did not come across that specific solution as soon as browsing, however will certainly save it in mind for following time. Thank you.

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Yea Power Button and also Volume Up for around 15 seconds will work. Happens eexceptionally when in a while via ours.

Same issue on out SPro 4 this weekend...

happened formerly and uncovered doing power then power +voldn addressed in the previous...

not this time...

Like others said - solution wregarding drain power

then connect power and also try to power up...

this functioned for us and also unit is currently operating commonly took about 4 hrs to drainpipe when in surface boot loop eexceptionally 3 seconds..

tried all the power 30 - 4 hr no go

Power 30 > power + volup (kills background applications supposedly) 15 o go

Power 30 > power + voldvery own 15 no go


changed settings on SPro 4 to not use sleep at all.

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all sleep alternatives disabled and collection power and cshed choices to shutdown vs sleep.

Hibernate missing for some reason - I more than likely disabled that somewright here - oh well!

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lukejohnson3 Aug 10, 2017 at 00:18 UTC
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I had a comparable difficulty and I addressed it by disabling Secure Boot Control in BIOS.

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