Surface pro 3 speakers not working

In speaker put up, I tried to test the speakers & it claims error - failed to play test tone. Any ideas?
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Hi Mary,

No sound concern is usually resulted in by an outdated audio driver. Updating the audio driver helps fix this worry. To downpack the latest Surface and Windows update, clickbelow.

Also, here are some services that you have the right to try that may assist you solve issue.

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Rebegin your Surface

Click on Start, and selectPower>Restart.After your Surface has restarted and you"ve signed back right into Windows, attempt listening to something (play music or a video) on the integrated speakers and also attempt recording somepoint using the integrated mic.

Check your default audio gadget settings

Select the search box in the taskbar, entercontrol panel, and in the search results, selectControl Panel.SelectHardware and also Sound>Sound.

Do either or both of the following:

Select thePlaybacktab, pick the device you desire to use for playback (for instance, the integrated speakers on your Surconfront, outside speakers, or a headset), and also selectSet Default.Select theRecordingtab, pick the gadget you want to usage for recording (for example, the built-in mic or an exterior mic), and also selectSet Default.SelectOK.

Run the audio troubleshooter

To run the troubleshooter, pick theStartswitch, typeTroubleshoot, and also then selectTroubleshootfrom the list of outcomes. SelectPlaying Audio>Run the troubleshooter.

Force shutdvery own your device

Press and hold the power switch on your Surface for 30 secs and then release it.

Press and also host the volume-up button and also the power button at the very same time for at least 15 secs and also then release both.The screen may flash the Surconfront logo, but continue holding the butlots dvery own for at least 15 secs.

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After you release the butloads, wait 10 seconds.Press and release the power button to turn your Surface earlier on. You have to watch the Surchallenge logo.

If you"re still having actually audio troubles, attempt restoring or reestablishing your Surface, in that order.

Rekeep your SurfaceRestoring your Surconfront is a method to undo current device changes that might be leading to problems. Restoring your Surconfront doesn’t adjust your personal records, however it can rerelocate freshly installed apps and also chauffeurs.

If restoring your Surface does not solve the trouble, reset your Surconfront.

Recollection your SurfaceReestablishing your Surface reinstalls Windows yet gets rid of your individual records, settings, and apps that did not come installed on your Surchallenge. Recollection keeps the apps that came set up on your Surconfront. If you want to save your personal documents, chooseKeep my filesin the time of the recollection process.

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Note: If you upgraded your Surconfront from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10, a recollection will certainly reinstall Windows 10. However, if you pick Restore factory settings in the time of the reset, the variation of Windows that came installed on your Surconfront will be remounted.