Surface pro 3 home button not working

Microsoft has a simple choice for you to enable or disable totally the Home or Windows button on your Microsoft Surchallenge Pro 3.

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Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is the third-generation of the tablet that have the right to replace your lappeak presented by Microsoft. It has actually a Faster via more processor selections, thinner, lighter, bigger and sharper display screen, and also many kind of other enhancing from its precursors.

Tbelow are many type of individuals particularly from artists who complaining around accidentally hitting the Surchallenge Windows button as soon as they using the tablet landscape mode. It comes into a serious difficulty especially once they are watching movies, playing games and also drawing via the Surchallenge Pen.

Previously, customers have actually identified just how to disable the Windows switch by disabling Surconfront Home Button hardware via Windows Device Manager. Now, Microsoft has actually offered the simplest way to disable the Windows switch via the Surface application (formerly known as Surface Hub) that you deserve to downpack it from the Windows Store.

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Click on Start and also open up the Surface appOn the left sidebar of the app, click on the Surchallenge icon buttonClick on the toggle switch underneath the Windows Button section to turn OFF

Note Besides allowing or disabling the Home switch, the Surchallenge application also enables you to change the pen sensitivity and the assigning the height switch on the Surface Pen.

If you pick to toggle the button option off, you can still acquire to the Start display by:

Opening Churts and tapping the Windows switch (Windows 8.1)Pressing the Windows essential in the keyboard

Download Surconfront application for Surchallenge Pro 3 from Windows Store.


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