Successfully scanned windows installations 0

After updating my Surconfront RT to Windows 8.1, it fairesulted in start up aget.It will certainly prepair and also attempt auto repair, which also keeps failing and will offer me:
After trying to bootrec/rebuildbcd I find that tbelow are "Total determined Windows installations: 0"

I live in The Netherlands however bought my tablet in the US. Could this be the problem?

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Hi,1. First Start System Recoexceptionally Options. To begin device recoextremely options.a) Boot from the disk, Once you acquire the welcome display of installation via the alternative “Install now”

b) Click on Repair your computer

c) On the next web page click Cutting edge Options

d) Now click Troubleshoote) Lastly click on Command also prompt and also follow the on display screen instructions2. At the prompt, kind the bootrec command also as shown listed below and then push Enter:

bootrec /rebuildbcd

The bootrec command also will certainly search for Windows installations not had in the Boot Configuration Documents and also then ask you if you"d choose to add one or more to it.

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3. You should see the following message.Scanning all disks for Windows installations.

Please wait, since this might take a while...

Successfully scanned Windows installations.

Total identified Windows installations: 0

The operation completed effectively.

4. Since the BCD store exists and also lists a Windows installation, you"ll first need to "remove" it manually and also then attempt to rebuild it aobtain.

At the prompt, execute the bcdmodify command also as presented and then press Enter:

bcdmodify /export c:cdbackupThe bcdmodify command also is offered below to export the BCD keep as a file: bcdbackup. There"s no must specify a record expansion.

The command have to rerotate the following on screen:

The procedure completed effectively.Meaning the BCD export functioned as expected.

5. At this allude, you should adjust several file features for the BCD save so you deserve to manipulate it.

At the prompt, execute the attrib command specifically prefer this:

attrib c:ootcd -h -r -sWhat you just did via the attrib command was rerelocate the surprise, read-only, and also device attributes from the filebcd. Those features restricted the actions you can take on the file. Now that they"re gone, you can manipulate the file even more openly - especially, rename it.

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6. To rename the BCD keep, execute the ren command also as shown:

ren c:ootcd bcd.oldNow that the BCD keep is recalled, you need to now be able to efficiently reconstruct it, as you tried to execute in Tip 2.

Note: You can delete the BCD file totally since you"re about to produce a brand-new one. However before, renaming the existing BCD accomplishes the same point considering that it"s currently uneasily accessible to Windows, plus offers you yet one more layer of backup, in enhancement to the export you did in Step 5, if you decide to unperform your actions.

7. Try restructure the BCD again by executing the complying with, adhered to by Enter:

bootrec /rebuildbcdwhich need to create this in the Command Prompt window:

Scanning all disks for Windows installations.Please wait, considering that this might take a while...Successtotally scanned Windows installations.Total identified Windows installations: 1<1> D:WindowsAdd installation to boot list? Yes/No/All:meaning that the BCD store redevelop is advancing as expected.

8. At the Add installation to boot list? question, form Go into Y orYes, followed by the Enter vital.

You need to see this on screen:

The procedure completed successfully.meaning that the BCD reconstruct is finish.

9. Rebegin your computer system.

Assuming that an concern via the BCD keep was the only difficulty, Windows have to start as supposed.

If not, continue to troubleshoot whatever before particular problem you"re seeing that"s staying clear of Windows from booting typically.

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Important: Depending on just how you started System Recoincredibly Options, you may must rerelocate a disc or flash drive before refounding.