Subnautica crashing on new game

2 times in the time of the attempt to conserve the game, which is especally frustrating considering that i shed 2,5 hours of progress one time.

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I don"t recognize if it"s because im not playing on a PS Pro, simply a Slim.



They additionally included a "Give Feedback" in the game menu which is nice.

I just finiburned on variation 1.06. There was certainly some frustration however it"s not unplayable. I had a couple blue display crashes causing, at worst, about an hour of progression shed. So I would recommend conserving frequently.


One other major bug was because of a gel sack that was stuck in my inventory, I think bereason I harvested some spores from it prior to collecting. The game wouldn"t let me highlight it and also as soon as I emptied my inventory and it was in the first slot it basically softlocked me and also I couldn"t select any items. I reloaded a previous save 1.5 hours ago, then it taken place to me aacquire later and also I realized I can get rid of it by crafting an aerogel.


Aside from that, there"s intermittent frameprice worries, pop-in, weird lighting, and also locations wright here the ground stops working to load so you have the right to pass ideal via it into the void.

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Posted March 31, 2019


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Posted March 31, 2019

I saw it on steam and also obtained super exited, currently.. not so a lot.. any kind of updates on glitches etc? brand-new updays, patches?


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Video Game crashing Blue Screen

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