Standard dual chanel pci ide controller

Someone asked this question and also wanted to recognize if tbelow was somelocation on the MS website to manually obtain the latest motorists.

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Your tech DID NOT answer the question just suggested measures to attempt and also acquire the machine to identify the driver and also it"s standing.

Well I would certainly favor the original question answered IS THERE SOMEPLACE ON YOUR WEBSITE TO MANUALLY GET THE LATEST MS DRIVERS?!

The MS webwebsite I uncover to be one of the most tough to navigate. Especially if you are running something various other than the very latest variation of whatever before product. You assume that your customers just can"t wait to spend an additional pile of cash to upgrade if just they kbrand-new how.

When I hit the windows product box I would appreciate it asking me what version I"m running or better yet detect it and also straight me to info aboutMY OS rather of trying to obtain me to upgrade or somehow make me feel I"m just hopelessly out of date an need to GET WITH THE PROGRAM!

Well, there"s my rant. Please provide me a response to the question over.

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I have the very same question (26)
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Replied on September 29, 2018
In reply to tracerman666's write-up on September 28, 2018

I apologize; I overstated a little bit.

See more: Aaa The Auto Club Group Remote Access, Citrix Gateway does supply generic chauffeurs for hardware that"s mostly discovered in all Windows computers. These motorists are "built-in to Windows. Hard disk drives and optical disk drives, for instance, use motorists. The generic VGA video driver, which generally is used in Safe Mode or when no device-particular driver have the right to be uncovered, is an additional instance of a driver.

Similarly, supplies a generic keyboard driver and also a generic mouse driver. If, for instance, you have a mouse that has added features, e.g., more buttons than the traditional left, right, center, and also scroll wheel, you would certainly need to install the device-certain driver from the computer mouse manufacturer in order to usage the added features -- however if you didn"t install that driver, Windows would usage the generic driver and also the mouse would function as a simple computer mouse.

To the level that updays such chauffeurs, it would carry out so in the conmessage of a Windows Update, and tright here is no straightforward way to search for such an upday. If you"ve maintained your mechanism current, you have actually the latest motorists for these generic devices that has.

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A "PCI traditional organize CPU bridge" almost absolutely drops within the exact same category as hard drives, key-boards, and also other such common hardware. An "HD Audio Controller" could have actually a device-particular driver if you can recognize the hardware manufacturer. In Device Manager, double-click to open the device"s properties, select the "Details" tab, and choose "Hardware Ids" from the drop-dvery own list. Then look up the "PCI VEN DEV" number either by straight Google search or by making use of one of the PCI VEN DEV databases --

Having sassist every one of that, here"s my advice: overlook the scan from AVG Driver Updater. The gold rules for driver updates are:

Don"t upday a driver unmuch less you understand that the newer version fixes a certain trouble that you have or adds a new feature that you need to (or want to) have.If you carry out upday a driver acquire it from the following areas only (in order of preference):Your computer"s manufacturer (particularly for laptops)The hardware device"s UpdateNever before acquire a driver from among the plenty of "driver update" sites to be uncovered on the Net. These chauffeurs are most likely to be (a) not appropriate for your system, (b) not the the majority of current variation, (c) infested via malware, or (d) some combicountry of a, b, and also c.

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