Ssh is not recognized as an internal command

The OpenSSH client is installed. To be sure everything was OK I rerelocated it and reset up, yet that made no distinction.

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The Path variable had OpenSSH.


Windows Explorer reflects that the folder C:WindowsSystem32OpenSSH exists.


Via Powershell, this folder does not exist. And SSH does not work-related. Well, the OpenSSH server functions, but the client not.


How have the right to I start the OpenSSH client on this system?


I think the errors are brought about by utilizing Powershell(x86) instead of Powershell. When making use of Powershell(x86), I also get an error:


But if I usage Powershell, then every little thing is normal


Powershell (x86) is the 32-little variation while Powershell is the 64-little version as defined here:

On a Windows 64-little bit edition, you will certainly find a 32-little bit and also a 64-little bit variation of PowerShell for backward compatibility functions. If you kind “PowerShell” on a Windows Start Screen, you will certainly check out “x86” behind the 32-bit versions of PowerShell and also PowerShell ISE.

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By and huge, the 64-bit and also 32-little bit PowerCovering versions are compatible, and also you shouldn’t notice much of a distinction. Problems deserve to aincrease if binaries are involved. For instance, if you want to extend PowerShell through snap-ins (compiled cmdlets), you need to encertain that you downpack the correct version. You can also run right into troubles if you desire to instantiate an object of a 32-little application (Microsoft Office, for example) with the 64-bit variation of PowerCovering.

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answered Oct 3 "20 at 15:12

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