Spacebar not working in word

I"m functioning on a paragraph in Word 2010 and also I can not insert area at the beginning of a line. When I push spacebar, the cursor simply continues to be there and also does not relocate. If I press tab, the totality paragraph is indented.

I have no idea what is wrong through Word. How deserve to I settle it?


I can’t view what renders Word behave that means, but you might try Ctrl+Shift+Void, which adds a no-break space. Looks like a space, however Word treats it in different ways.

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If you just want the initially line of each paragraph indented, specify that in your style settings. Or to perform that for a solitary paragraph, view the answer from



I solved it by:- Click on the Page layout- Go to breaks- Now choose Text wrapping. Problem addressed. Now you deserve to use room bar to insert space at the start of the sentence.

Highlight the paragraph, right mouse, pick "Paragraph" and the "Indents and Spacing" tab.

Where it says "Special", in the Indentation area, choose "First line", and also specify in the adjacent box how much indentation you want. Save.

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(I uncover this extremely odd -- it"s an exceedingly difficult attribute to find, yet one that many people want to use.)


I am making a resume, and couldn’t gain it formatted the means I wanted because of this concern. I tried copy and pasting spaces, and also the shortcut for including spaces. These actions did include room, but a bigger space than I required. So I determined to make the initially letter white so it wouldn’t present up, and I could then format my resume accordingly. I understand it is cheating, however it worked!

Are you certain you are actually at the start of a paragraph and also not simply a line break? Turn on non printing personalities and take a look.

I discover that wright here it claims "Special", in the Indentation area, pick "HANGING", and also conserve. I provided that in a RE: line that looked prefer this:

RE: Here is what I mean by hanging indentation.
I resolved this frustrating problem under Preferences. Locate the "Cut and also paste options" and either turn off the "Use smart cut and paste" alternative or uncheck the choice to "Adsimply sentence and also word spacing automatically" under the settings for smart reduced and also paste.

To get the room at the start of line you need to separate that line from that paragraph or relocate it to brand-new line, what I mean is:

This message need to be(*push enter for brand-new paragraph or shift+enter for simply brand-new line*)(*press space*)separated to insert room.spacing between lines can be edited so this "new" paragraph doesn"t look favor new paragraph. (choose no spacing, edit existing space)

When selecting the entirety paragraph, head to Paragraph in right-click menu or ribbons. In Indents and also Spacing tab you can collection indent (room prior to paragraphs).

Select First Line in Indentation menu and collection the indentation worth.

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You might have a section break automatically after wbelow you desire to watch your room. Move the area break down by pressing "enter", then go earlier to your line and you"ll then view the spaces you make.

Go to the word you desire to click area then click enter and also backroom back to wright here the word was now you can usage room.

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