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Sony Laptop Battery Troubleshooting Tips

If you are having actually troubles via your battery not charging or not charging completely, right here are a couple of things to inspect for and possible solutions:

Sony BIOS Update

Place your mouse over “Service & Support” at the height of the web page. Scroll dvery own and also click “Drivers/Software” Under “Option 1: TYPE IT”, Choose your “Country” and also enter the version of your lapheight right into package wright here it claims “Model” (i.e. VAIO VGN-TX1HP, etc.) and click “continue”. Select your operating mechanism (Window 7, Vista or XP) and click “next” You will be provided a list of downtons. You will click the “+” beside wright here it says “BIOS” Click on the title of the BIOS update (i.e. WinFlash for HP Notebook System BIOS) Click on “Download” and also follow the process with.

If you require assistance from that allude, Sony have the right to assist you either digital or by phone.

Bad lappeak AC adapter

Test to verify the AC adapter is not negative. Remove the battery and check if the lapheight will run solely from the lapheight AC adapter. If the lapoptimal does not occupational, then the AC adapter is poor and needs to be replaced.

In some cases, the lappeak charger itself is faulty and also may run the lappeak, however it does not have actually enough power to charge the battery. In this case, attempt charging the lapoptimal battery with the lappeak turned off. If the battery charges while the computer is off, then the lappeak AC adapter is poor and also demands to be reput.

Bad motherboard

The computer motherboard might be bad if your new and your old laptop battery won"t charge and also the laptop AC adapter is functioning effectively. Also, if your lappeak battery will certainly charge in another lapheight, then that might be a authorize that you have actually a bad motherboard.

Battery is not charging at all or reflecting that it is not compatible

The problem might be via the computer system BIOS and also an update is forced for the lappeak to recognize and fully charge the laptop battery. The existing software program in your system is just put up to read an OEM (Initial Equipment Manufacturer) battery. If your BIOS has actually not been updated, and also you have just offered OEM batteries in your lapoptimal, it can cause the replacement battery not to communicate appropriately with the software application in your mechanism.

Check your manufacturer’s webwebsite for possible mechanism BIOS upqualities for your laptop version. Some laptops have actually been susceptible to reject third party batteries if they have actually an old BIOS variation mounted. Once completing the BIOS upgrade, please recharge your battery for 12 hours and also use as normal.

Battery stops charging prior to it is fully charged

New batteries come in a discharged condition and also should be completely charged before use. It is recommfinished that you completely charge and also discharge the brand-new battery four to 5 times to enable it to reach its maximum rated capacity.

It is mainly recommend an overnight charge (roughly twelve hours). It is normal for a battery to come to be heat to the touch throughout charging and discharging.

Lapoptimal Battery stops charging whenever it reaches 96-98%

You might need to recalibrate your lapoptimal for the new battery. You have the right to quickly recalibrate your laptop correctly through the Windows Power Management.

With Windows XP, you deserve to change the battery settings by navigating to Control Panel > Performance and also Maintenance > Power Options. Once you find it readjust the “Power Schemes” to “Always On”. Under “Alarms”, unexamine “Low battery alarm” and also “Critical battery alarm”. Under “Hibernate”, uncheck “Enable hibernation”, and then click on Apply.

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This is the only time that we recommfinish taking the battery all the method down to zero %. You must likewise unplug the ac adapter and let the battery drain all the method down until your lapoptimal shuts off. After that, plug the ac adapter back and charge it to 100%. You might should repeat this process around 2-3 times prior to it actually reaches 100%.

My battery reflects that it is completely charged, however it is not working

This is recognized as "False Peak" and is extremely prevalent condition throughout initially time battery use (or using a battery that has been discharged for several months). The charger light may go out after only 10-15 minutes, indicating that it is completely charged when it is not. Should this take place, ssuggest leave the battery on the charger for around an hour. Rerelocate it, and rerevolve it to the charger immediately. The battery will resume normal charging and also the charger light will suggest as soon as the battery is ready for usage. This might take place numerous times during the initially battery charge. Don"t worry; it"s perfectly normal.

New battery is defective, need to do a rerotate or an exchange

If you have actually tried all of the troubleshooting tips and also your battery is still not working, your battery might have been damaged throughout deliver. Please call our Customer Service Department and also we deserve to help you through the return/exchange procedure.

Sony Laptop Battery Error: “Battery is not for this design, not detected, not compatible, or not associated.”

Some Sony laptop computers have a pre-mounted energy called Sony ISB, which prevents the lapoptimal from making use of a third-party lapheight battery. To remove the Sony ISB energy, follow the directions below:

Turn off the computer system and also remove the battery. Make sure only the AC adapter is connected and revolve on the computer. Click the Start switch, click All Programs , click Accessories , and then click Run . In the Run home window, type MSCONFIG and then push the Enter essential. NOTE: If prompted for an administrator password or a User Account Control prompt is presented, form the appropriate password, click Continue or click Yes . In the System Configuration home window, click the Startup tab. On the Startup tab, click to uninspect the box in front of ISB Utility .
Click the OK switch. In the System Configuration home window, click the Rebegin button.
Turn off the computer, reaffix the battery and also rotate the computer system earlier on.

This will remove the software check that Sony has put on laptops to proccasion third-party laptop batteries from being used and permit you to usage a non-Sony lappeak battery. If you percreate a Sony software application update, you might need to repeat this procedure.

Some Sony laptop computers have a hardware lappeak battery lock which will proccasion a third-party laptop battery from being supplied. In this case, tbelow is no "fix" to acquire approximately the hardware lock and you will have to buy a genuine Sony brand lapheight battery. If this is the situation for your lappeak, please contact our Customer Support line at

(714) 598-4088 , and we have the right to procedure a rerotate for your battery.

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Sony Lappeak Battery Status: “Plugged in, not charging”

If you are obtaining the “Plugged in, not charging” standing on your lappeak battery, please adhering to the procedures below:

Shutdvery own laptop Unplug AC adapter Rerelocate battery Plug in AC adapter Turn on laptop, permit operating system (OS) to boot Once logged in to the machine, perform a normal shut dvery own Unplug AC adapter Rearea battery Plug in AC adapter Turn on lappeak, allow OS to boot Status must currently say, “Plugged in and charging”

If you have actually tried all of the troubleshooting guides, and your battery is still not operating effectively, you deserve to submit for an exchange or refund by submitting for a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number by clicking the link below:

Quick And Easy Return/Exchange

If you would prefer to acquire even more information on maximizing your battery life, go to and also watch our videos.