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If you use Facebook, you should have noticed the error Sorry, something went wrong, We are working on acquiring this addressed as shortly as we can at times. This error normally appears at the login display, yet you might face it while trying to fill brand-new tabs after logging in also.

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In the Clear all history home window, check the boxes connected through Cache and Cookies.Select time range as Everything.Click on Clear now to clear the cache files and cookies.
The procedure to delete cache and cookies from Google Chrome is as follows:
Open the attend to chrome://settings/clearBrowserData in Google Chrome’s resolve bar.Select time array as All time and also examine the boxes for Cookies and other site data and also Cached images and also files.Click on Clear data to clear the documents.

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2> Remove problematic extensions from your browsers

Problematic extensions can likewise reason the Facebook login error “Sorry, something went wrong.” To verify this situation, try opening your web browser in personal browsing mode. In instance you are prompted, don’t select the choice to activate the extensions.If Facebook works fine in exclusive looking mode, you deserve to remove problematic extensions, specifically those which are associated via Facebook.

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