Someone changed my wifi password

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I have actually WiFi rexternal at my home, and I have collection the WPA2-PSK security on it. I collection it via a solid password. My neighbour has actually continuously hacked my wifi, and I do not know just how he breaks my security procedures to retrieve my password.

He provides my WiFi on an android phone. Are tbelow any kind of android apps that he might usage to break my rexternal protection and steal my WiFi password? could anyone tell me just how the heck he always hacks my password whenever before I adjust it?

Could someone please provide advise to secure my home WiFi router?



If you suspect your router is endangered Tbelow are a couple points to consider,

If someone cracks your Pre-Shared key (WPA2-PSK), most individuals response as soon as they suspect someone has actually got access to their network-related is to automatically log right into the web gui or telnet in to watch whats going on.

This isn"t a great response, as telnet sends credentials in ordinary message across the network-related, as does HTTP. The Attacker might be able to sniff your administrative password, then develop a remote backdoor via the internet. if you adjusted your password after you suspected foul play on your network-related, the attacker might quickly log in via a cell phone information connection to your governmental gui and also view what you adjusted your WPA2 password to.

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The proper response.Unplug the power from the router.Rerelocate the Antennas temporarily if you have the right to.(if you cant, wrapping them in aluminum foil will dampen the signal significantly)Plug right into the router VIA Ethernet.Factory Reset the router per your tools instructions.after device boot, immediately log into the router.Change the Administrative password.(16 digit Alpha-numerical through upperinstance lowersituation and unique characters) protect against utilizing words that are uncovered in dictionary"s. Disable WPS!Change the WPA2-PSK & usage AES just.(no less than 16 digit Alpha-numerical with uppersituation lowerinstance and also unique characters) Avoid using words that are uncovered in dictionary"s. Example: "L1nksTr1-F0rc3$
v3sZe|da~!" Disable telnet, use ssh if possible.Disable HTTP login, use HTTPS.Update the firmware on your rexternal.Install antennas aget, or rerelocate aluminum foil.

That"s pretty much it. The difficulty has actually come to be pretty severe. It offered to be if you wanted to try and crack a password, you would certainly need to setup your very own dispersed handling network-related using "pyrit" or equivalent hashing programs to test password hashes.

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Tright here are now websites available to crack simple to very complicated passwords. you pay a couple fractions of a bitcoin, and they usage massive networks of GPU Hashers to retrieve a password for you.

This has put hacking earlier in the realm of Kiddie Scripters, and people who would certainly not have actually previously had actually this type of handling power accessible to them. A straightforward google search have to uncover plenty like this.