Software protection service has completed licensing status check

my question is why i dont mind it happening yet i carry out mind it slowing down efficiency.

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So far, I can not discover any kind of well-known worries that we are currently working on. Here"s what I understand also from your summary above:

1. Outlook 2010 freezes when sending e-mails.2. When the user sends out an e-mail Outlook home window changes to Not Responding.3. At this suggest it geneprices an event ID 1003 and also then after some time Outlook becomes responsive.

To assist us narrow dvery own the concern, please answer the concerns below:1. Ensure that all individuals are on latest build of Outlook2. What is the Build variety of Exreadjust that you are running?3. Is the user making use of outlook in Cached Exreadjust Mode or Online Mode?4. Is the worry seen if we use Outlook in the safe mode?(Outlook.exe)5. What add-ins are loaded via Outlook.exe?6. How many type of individuals are affected?7. Due to the fact that how long the problem is occurring?8. Is the problem re-producible on demand?9. Any recent changes were made in the environment?10. Is the problem seen if we configure brand-new outlook profile for the user on the very same computer?11. Is the problem watched if we configure new outlook profile on another computer?12. What if we configure another individuals outlook profile on this computer?13. Does Outlook freeze when sfinishing e-mails or does it additionally freeze while doing any other activity within outlook.

We are Experiencing this trouble > MS office 2010 PKC (MS excel and MS Office freezing with 1003 error)

Issue startedmid July

ANYremedies yet?

This is a very amazing issue and would choose for you all to attempt the complying with.

In my case, I deserve to not send a reply to users however I deserve to send a reply to an email I sent to myself.With this I found the Office Software Protection check didn"t occur or it wasn"t logged into the Application Events.

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I checked my COM (Component Object Modules) utilizing dcomcnfg from the run line. I found a few COMs that didn"t have regisattempt entries and also enable the application to add them.I then disabled all Add-ins (Data > Options > Add-Ins > COM Add-ins > Go > Uninspect all items provided.

It would occupational after that until, the Software Protection Service would run aobtain after cshedding Outlook and also reopenning it.

The only thing that makes me think the reason starts through the Software Protection Service is the truth one Add-in COM is checked each time and that"s the "Microsoft VBA for Outlook Addin".

At that point, it errors again.

We are running Office 2010 Standard Version: 14.0.7015.1 32little bit on XP SP3 units.

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My Followup question is: How can I disable the Software Protection Service to allow me troubleshooting correctly in Safemode (Outlook.exe /safe) ?

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August 26th, 2013 7:32pm

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