Skype voice message not playing

With Skype for Firm, you no much longer should dial 4-0003 to listen to your voicemail. You deserve to listen to your voicemail messperiods ideal from your email inbox or from within the Skype for Business client. You have the right to also tap the Voicemail symbol on your phone's display.


Change Your Default Voicemail Greeting

Once your phone is set off, it is all set to receive voicemail. If you execute not answer the phone, an automated greeting will say, "Please document a message for ." To record a custom greeting:

1. Openthe Skype for Company client on your computer. Click the Phone tab.

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2. Click the drop-dvery own food selection beside the Voicemail symbol, click Change Greetings, and also follow the prompts to record your greeting.


Note: You deserve to likewise use these actions to document a sepaprice greeting for when you are out of the office.

Use an Alternate Voicemail Greeting when You are on Vacation or Away

1. Use the measures over to erected your voicemail message for as soon as you are on vacation, out of the office, or amethod.

2. To permit an alternative greeting, visit and place a checknote in the Play Out of Office greeting checkbox.


3. You have the right to additionally set your alternate voicemail greeting to play whenever you have actually an Outlook auto reply turned on or whenever before you have actually an out-of-office appointment on your Outlook calendar. To take advantage of this feature, location a checknote in the I have actually an Outlook auto reply checkbox and/or the I have actually an Out of Office calendar appointment checkbox.

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Alerts for New Voicemail Messages

If your Skype for Firm phone has been upgraded to the latest software application, a visual indicator will display screen as soon as you receive a brand-new voicemail message. The red light in the top right-hand also corner of your phone will certainly additionally flash.


Listen toYour Voicemail

From Your Handset

Tap the voicemail icon on your phone's display.


If your Skype for Company phone has been upgraded to the latest software application, a Message Center will certainly screen your voicemail messperiods. Tap a message to choose it and then tap Play to listen to it.


From Your Email

Your voicemail message will be delivered to your email inbox. Click Play to listen to it. You will certainly additionally view a message transcription of the message if the audio quality is sufficient.

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From the Skype for Company Client

Click the Phone tab.Hover over a message under the Voicemail heading and click the Play symbol.