Skype there was a problem receiving this image

as these days I unexpectedly can't send nor get records with Skype anyeven more. If I attempt to sfinish anypoint, an error message shows up, which could be analyzed as "Tbelow was a difficulty sending this picture/file". No error code or anypoint. If someone sends anypoint to me, I don't view anypoint at all.

I tried the following

installing all Windows updates and also restarting the COMPUTER many times

re-installing Skype

resetting all Net Explorer settings (supposedly Skype sends out records with IE or something), as was recommended in Skype support forums

deleting everything in the MediaDocuments part of major.db Skype database, as was recommfinished in Skype support forums

That's all I have for currently. I've offered Skype for 7 years and also I've never encountered this. Its incredibly important to me it functions and I'd sooner buy a brand-new COMPUTER than relocate on from Skype...



I had actually to delete the entirety Skype folder in AppDocuments, including all background, dbs, caches, settings, logs and so on.

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