Skype not receiving messages 2017

Right now if I am in Teams and also someone from Skype sends out me a message while I am ameans or carry out not click the alert automatically the message becomes missed totally. Skype For Firm will certainly open up a window if you have actually it open up yet if you carry out not as soon as the notice window closes the message is lost.

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It would certainly be nice to have actually the message open up in Teams, bold like a pfinishing message is so that no messages are lost.

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completed ·
Warren responded · July 30, 2018

This feature research has completed and also has been released to the public.

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Thank you for the feedback/idea.


in trial and error ·
Warren responded · March 05, 2018

We are that much closer to releasing this feature request! This item is currently in testing!

I will store you updated as testing progresses and also will certainly administer a release date once we finish these last hurtles!

Thank you all for the excellent feedago. -Warren

working on it ·
Warren responded · January 04, 2018

Good news to share, this research is currently being worked upon. Persistent interop chat is committed to and on the Skype for Firm convergence roadmap!


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