Skype messages out of order

Hello, my Skype is not working appropriately. I am running the latest version on Windows 7 Home Premium. Basically the Skype messeras are out of order, and also they display the wrong time. I do not recognize exactly how to deal with this difficulty, and also I require some assistance in doing so.

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Try establishing up the Skype time to your time by going to your Profile. If that doesn"t aid, re-install Skype. You can check this forum also:
You need to set up time on your skype profile: Start Skype, log in, click your name - that will open up Skype Home window, clic on Profile tab, skroll dvery own and also setup time in your skype profile.

Sync Your Windows Clock With Web Time Server. try to reinstall and also if does not help then try older Skype Version.

Problem via skype, messeras are being received out of order.

Cristián Torres-Gluck Balmaceda
I additionally have Skype for Android. From what I have the right to tell, this difficulty occurs on that as well, if that helps.
Time Zone in Android


try menu Skype >> Profile >> Edit Your Profile. Tright here is an choice tbelow to readjust time

This is something that seems to impact many kind of Skype users right currently and especially via the latest version mounted. If you have the latest Skype 6.0 version, then you may attempt to revert to the previous variation.

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