Sims 2 resolution stuck on 800x600 windows 10

Hi everyone! With the current release of The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection on Origin for owners of The Sims 2 Simmers have been reporting issues through their resolution being stuck at 800×600. We have created a overview for you so that you can increase the resolution to your aboriginal display dimension.

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STEP 1 – In order to adjust the resolution for your game you will need to locate GraphicRules.sgr in C:Program Files (x86)Origin GamesThe Sims 2 Ultimate CollectionFun with PetsSP9TSDataResConfig.

BACK UP this file somewhere safe! Either to a USB stick or in My Documents!!

STEP 2 – Open GraphicRules.sgr. (If it asks you to pick a program to open it through select NotePad)

The first point that you are going to desire to execute is “tell” the game to allow you to usage higher settings. The Sims 2 regularly pressures the game to play in only low settings if it can’t recognise a graphics card, which will certainly be nearly everyone currently because of the more recent cards considering that The Sims 2 Mansion & Garden first released.

STEP 3 – Near the height of this file you will discover the adhering to lines: “seti Low 1” “seti Medium 2” and also “seti High 3”. These tell the game which default mode to start in and also in some instances it will proccasion you from transforming alternatives in the game. Change “seti Low 1” and “seti Medium 2” to “seti Low 3” “seti Medium 3”. This will tell the game to use the “high” settings within this file.

You must currently see it looking from this:


to it looking prefer this:


Now that you have told the game to let you usage higher settings it’s time to adjust those reremedies.

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STEP 4 – Press Ctrl+F to open the Find box and enter this line in (without any kind of spaces and also quotes) “ScreenModeResolution” then click Find Next off.


This will take you to the forced section. What you view will look like this:

This area is what enables your game to play in various resolutions. Depfinishing on your monitor resolution you may want to have actually various settings. I play on a 1080×1920 monitor so the settings I am demonstrating are based on that, if you have actually greater or lower reoptions sizes, change it to your very own settings. From right here you will desire to modify “uintProp maxResWidth” and also “uintProp maxResHeight”. These two alternatives are what tells the game which resolution mode to play in.

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STEP 5 – Edit “uintProp maxResWidth” to 1920 and “uintProp maxResHeight” to 1080 in all 4 sections so you watch something that looks prefer this:


And that’s all you should perform in this file! Hit Save and exit the file then open the game up. Once you have entered a Neighborhood go to the Options then Graphics/Performance Options.


STEP 6 – You should currently check out that in the Screen Size settings you have actually many more options! Select the preferred size and also hit Apply Settings. You are currently able to play in a bigger display dimension. Have fun!