Simple vs spanned vs striped

Im in search of a factor why a person would use a Spanned volume rather than a Striped volume?

If my expertise is correct

Striped: Faster read/compose rate than covered, yet I "assume" even more wear+tearSpanned: No rate benefit choose striped, but data is written sequentially and also fills up Drive1 before filling up Drive2, so it saves on wear+tearBeyond that Im not certain if tright here is any other deciding aspect on which to usage.

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Definition discovered below:

A striped volume provides the complimentary space on more than one physical tough disk to produce a bigger volume. Unlike a covered volume, a striped volume writes throughout all quantities in the stripe in small blocks, distributing the fill across the disks in the volume. The parts of disk supplied to develop the volume have to be the exact same size; the size of the smallest complimentary space had in the striped volume will certainly identify.

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asked Mar 24 "12 at 2:54

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A covered volume have the right to be extfinished, yet not a stripped.

A faiattract of eiher drive in a stripped volume will cause a complete loss. You may be able obtain some information ago from a covered volume if the file is completly on one disk.

If you carry out not have actually a great backup mechanism, then I imply you do not usage either alternative.

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answered Mar 24 "12 at 3:24

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A Span is not a RAID form, a Stripe is (RAID0).

You have the right to develop Stripes from Spans, yet not Spans from Stripes. :)

Say you had 3 drives - 1 x 500GB drive and 2 x 250GB drives.

You deserve to create a covered volume across the 2 x 250GB drives, offering you 1 x 500GB volume. You then usage that in a Stripe with the 500GB drive so that you get the balance you should take benefit of RAID0 (the Stripe).

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Or use the Span + the 500GB drive to make a 500GB Mirror (RAID1).

I will say that this is general information about RAIDs, and I"m not sure Windows" indeveloped software RAID actually enables this, as I personally never before usage software program RAIDs. :)

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