Sharepoint locked for shared use

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We"ve seen multiple threads that have actually a similar problem and a number of users confirmed that the worry is gone immediately after some time.

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Splitting the threads about this widely reported difficulty doesn"t alleviate the severity of the issue. Suggesting paying customers wait for "some time" for the concern to go away "automatically" is both farcical and also disrespectful. Is Msft doing something about this or not? If they are, what are they doing? If they"re not, WHY NOT?


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Thank you for the comment and we understand also that tbelow has been some confusion and we apologize for it.

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Usually, the error message generally happens once any type of of the records in the common folder is opened up in the browser or the Office client while you are trying to modify the folder and also the co-authoring does not support.You have the right to inspect even more details in this reference article:Troubleshoot co-authoring in Office

In that instance, users who are opening the file need to cshed them initially from Office clients or the browsers.

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If the user is not opening it almost everywhere, such worry might occur as a result of unsupposed cshedding of the file and also the file cache is still stored in mechanism or browser showing the file is still in use.That means, this file might be opened in client application and also the issue is resulted in by Windows SharePoint Services puts a create lock on the document on the server once a file is opened by a client regime and also it did not closed correctly.In this situation, the lock continues to be for 10 minutes, however, it could take as much as 30 minutes to 1 hour to release the lock from server immediately.

Thanks Justin, however I do not think human being are really interested in all the "if you do this, this can occur " explanations. The truth is we expect software we"re paying for to job-related effectively, without us having actually to waste time investigating why it doesn"t, period. The "file is locked" message appears at seemingly random times, and also is unregarded checking out, in or anypoint else. With numerous complaints around it, Msft has more than enough information and also have to have actually the specialization to figure out why it happens and also obtain it solved. Customers have to not be meant to execute that for them.

So, what is Msft doing around it and also when will it be working as promised?

We suggest posting your worry in SharePoint UserVoice. It is the finest means to let the associated team hear your feedback and to influence the commodities. Thank you!