Setup controller has encountered a problem during install

I purchase office 2010 software program professtional and also installed on my lapheight.I continue to obtain message that:THE SETUP CONTROLLER HAS ENCOUNTED A PROBLEM DURING DURING INSTALLATION.PLEASE REVIEW THE LOG FILE FOR FURTHER INFORMATION ON THE ERROR.Additionally i wanted to unintall the office2010 software application it is not possible for me to do it .After trying on several times it is not feasible to uninstall it.Is there anybody up tbelow to aid me.

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Vista and also Win7 Event Viewer are essentially the exact same.

Somepoint is “broke”. What is happening once you try to open up it? Is there an error message?

Take a look in the Event viewer, go to the Start menu, enter "event" in the search home window, click on "Event Viewer".

In event viewer, open up the Error and also Warning message categories. Look for a resource like Outlook or MS Office and also likewise look for the time that you had actually the trouble (ie simply a couple of minutes ago).

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Report the error code and also full, specific error message message you find that appear relevant.

After reviewing the the occasion log you have the right to attempt doing a repair on your office installation. If that doesnt" occupational, right here are several approaches for uninstalling Office:try following this procedure to repair the office installation:Repair or rerelocate Office 2010 -


Click to Run: Switch to making use of an MSI-based Office 2010 edition - is this trouble shooting procedure. Work with the whole thing:How to trouble shoot problems that occur as soon as you begin or usage Word 2010, Word 2007, Word 2003, or Word 2002 %temp% folder)If that doesn"t work, then try this more aggressive uninstall (complied with by re-install) procedure:FIXIT uninstall tools for Office 2003, 2007 or 2010 suites (including starter) if you cannot uninstall it from Control Panel (no %temp%)

·Note: if uninstevery one of Click to Run Starter does not work:

·Start run window:

·Start Services dialog: services.msc

·Locate ‘Client Virtualization”

·Right click, choose Properties.

·Set Startup form to disabled and also Stop the company.

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·Repeat Fix It from KB 290301


Manually uninstall the 2007 Office system if you cannot uninstall it by utilizing the "Add or Remove Programs" feature -

For 2010 clean up procedure stays the exact same, just have to make some number substations:

Change all referrals to Office suites:Office 2002 = Office 10.0Office 2003 = Office 11.0Office 2007 = Office 12.0Office 2010 = Office 14.0

·The finest way to clean the %temp% folder is after a reboot, so if you are planning to reboot, host off on that step or repeat the %temp% cleanup after reboot

·open up the run window: + R

·form %temp%,

·press ,

·Windows Explorer opens up in the TEMP folder

·Select all files: + A


·For any kind of documents in usage, justSKIP them

·For Windows XP and also Windows Server 2003, clickStart, click Run, type %AllUsersprofile%Application Dataclassiccomputers.infoOfficeData, and also then clickOK.

2 Additional Tools to uninstall Office -

if 290301 doesn’t occupational, Google and download the old MS Cleanup tool msicuu2.exe