Setting the account picture failed

Discover how to fix "Setting the account photo failed. Please try again" error while establishing user account display picture in Windows 10.

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Adding a display screen image (DP) of very own is the initially alternative users make, generally after installing Windows. If you are new to Windows 10, let me conveniently tell you exactly how to put up your account photo. Open the Setups app and go to Accounts > Your picture area. From below, you can either take your photo utilizing webcam or browse system folders to erected one taken currently.

Sometimes, as a result of various technological worries, users may confront problem while establishing up their account photo. Such situations largely occur if your copy of Windows is not triggered or is non-real. So first and foremany point you have to perform is to activate your Windows. Typically, following message shows up once you can’t put up your account picture:

Account photo error

Setting the account photo failed. Please attempt aget.


In case also after confirming that your Windows is real and set off, if your facing this issue, then you can attempt the procedures stated listed below to fix:

FIX : “Setting The Account Picture Failed. Please Try Again” In Windows 10

It is very recommfinish to develop a System Restore suggest initially, prior to proceeding.

1. Open Data Explorer and go to View tab. Make certain Hidden items choice is checked right here. If not, execute inspect it.



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Next, navigate to following folder in the Data Explorer window:

C:ProgramDataMicrosoftWindows*Substitute C: via your device root drive. ProgramData folder is hidden folder by default.


3. In the over presented home window, scroll dvery own and look for SystemData folder. We’ve to rename this folder to somepoint else, so that we can resolve the account picture error – as this folder is root cause. But you can’t sindicate rename this folder, considering that its a system folder. So take the ownership of this folder by following procedures stated this guide. Once you’ve taken ownership of the folder, you’ll able to rename the folder to somepoint else, prefer SystemDocuments.old.

4. Now rebegin your device and also try to setup account image. You’ll discover that the error is no longer appearing currently and also you can set your DP very conveniently.

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That’s it! Go here if you acquire “Setting the lock display screen failed. Please attempt again” error in Windows.