Sending exe file through gmail

How to affix EXE file in Gmail ?

Many email service providers, like G mail, don’t enable you to send executable or “.exe” files as G-Mail is most commonly offered mailing organization hence security is a prime problem for Google bereason it has the vital confidential content/ data that yours . But this defense at some time stays clear of us from doing somepoint choose sfinishing exe as attachment, that’s why you will obtain a prompt while attaching .exe choose below.

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To preserve the security of information , Google has an excellent defense filter which scans your attachments for malicious contents. So it wont allow you to sfinish the .exe expansion files even if you wrap it in a zip or rar.

Than just how we deserve to sfinish .EXE ?

Step 1 : Shave the right to the executable file you wish to send via your Gmail account through trustworthy anti-virus software program to encertain the regime is clean. Log in to your Gmail account.
Tip 2 :  Open the Window Explorer wright here you preserved the .exe which you wish to send.
Step 3 : Click on the “View” menu. Select the examine box “File name extension”. By default it is unchecked. If this is currently checked than this action is of no use for you.
Tip 4 : Rename the “.exe” file extension and also relocation it through “.txt” or “doc” or whatever you prefer. When prompted, click “Yes” to confirm that you wish to change the file expansion.
Step 5 : Now you are free to affix this file. Just increate your recipient to carry out readjust earlier the expansion into .exe.

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Warning :
This method you have the right to bypass the security filer of G-mail but protect against sfinishing an executable file unmuch less you’re absolutely sure it doesn’t contain a virus or various other malicious content. Seek the recipient’s permission prior to sfinishing the file.

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