Search skype directory not working

Some macOS & iOS individuals are complaining around an annoying bug on the Microsoft Skype app that restricts them from finding new contacts. It appears to be a significant worry through the Skype Directory which was brought about by the latest Skype for Mac Upday.

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A number of furious customers highlighted the problem on the Microsoft Answers forum. According to a Skype user, the issue persists across various platcreates.

“I am trying to find a brand-new call in Skype, but It is not working and also I am unable to discover any kind of call.I have tested Skype for Mac, Skype for iPhone and also Skype web, all of them are not finding contacts. Any solution?”

Another Skype user reported that the concern exists on 2 different iMacs.

“Same issue below – I am unable to find anyone that is not already in my contacts.I have actually tried 2 different iMacs on various wired and wiremuch less netfunctions and my iPhone on wifi and 4G. I can’t affix to any brand-new contacts. All machines running latest version of Skype.”

The Skype Customer Support team evidenced the bug on the Microsoft Community forum. The great news is, Microsoft has already investigated the worry and also it was led to by a new defense upday released by Apple.

We have been able to recognize that this occurrence is the result of a new protection upday in the Apple device that invalidays the Microsoft certificate for the server responsible for sassist organization.

Skype team is presently functioning to fix the Skype Directory service problem. However, Microsoft has said a quick workabout to assist you resolve the problem.

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How To Fix Skype Directory Issues On macOS & iOS

Steps for iOS:

At this action, your browser may ask for confirmation, click the Install button to install a new profile.
Skype iOS Profile InstallOnce the installation process is complete, you have to manually activate the SSL trust choice.Head over to Settings > General > Information > Certificate trust settings

Steps for macOS:

Open Safari or Google Chrome on your mechanism.Double click the downloaded file to open it. Follow the on-display screen instructions to trust the certificate (if required).

Now you must be able to usage the business without any kind of trouble. However before, if the concern still persists, follow the actions given below:

If your mechanism does not permit to straight trust the certificate, you must add the certificate to the macOS Keychain.Find the macOS Keychain, navigate to the Category section and also drag the Certificate file to this window.
Drag the certificateDouble click the file, go to the Trust section and also select Always Trust.Finally, cshed the home window.

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For currently, there is no update to deal with the worry and also a brand-new version is intended to be accessible extremely shortly.