Scrolling in chrome is choppy

I have actually heavy problems with the Google Chrome Version for Debian. The same difficulties happen in Chromium, however not via Iceweasel.

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When i scroll the page stutters and also flickers rather of smoothly going upwards. On a Webapp i am presently develoing the fixed navbar that have to remain on height of the display screen when scrolling doesnt execute so however then sometimes jumps dvery own later continuing to be tbelow in the middle of the display screen when I scroll earlier to the optimal.I execute not endure those concerns on home windows with chrome nor on an other internet browser on debian. I dont think its a difficulty via my laptop, here are my specs tho:

CPU:Model name: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-5200U CPU
2.20GHzStepping: 4CPU MHz: 1923.281CPU max MHz: 2700,0000RAM:12GBHow deserve to i solve this problem? As I synchronize my bookmarks and also stuff using Chrome I am not really wilbrought about swap back to Firefox.


Open a brand-new tab and enter address chrome://flags/

Find Smooth Scrolling flag.

Click Enable

To Restart Chrome browser clic relaunch now


As discovered here; make certain Chrome at least tries to allow HW acceleration:

Try the most basic settle first.

Go into chrome://settings, click display progressed settings at the bottom, and also then scroll down to the bottom aobtain and also make certain "use hardware acceleration once available" is checked.

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This was the difficulty in my instance.


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