Screen pixelated after standby windows 10

I recently purchased a new video card and two brand-new monitors. Due to the fact that then, I"ve noticed that often after the monitors turn off due to inactivity, when they wake ago up one or both of the displays are extremely blurry. They look exactly the very same as the pictures in this question: Monitor gets weird "blurry?" display

When this happens, the just thing that fixes the problem is rebooting the computer system. Powering off or disconnecting among the monitors when it"s in this state not only doesn"t settle the trouble, yet it freezes the computer (the other monitor stops displaying output and also the computer won"t respond to me pushing the power button).

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Previous setup, once I had actually no problems:

Nvidia GTX 670 Old LCD monitor
2560x1440The very same Windows 10 installation

Things I"ve tried:

Updating graphics driver, including uninstalling the old one firstSwitching which ports the monitors were associated to on the GPUReplacing the DisplayPort cables via new onesRunning and SFC scanMaking certain Stereoscopic 3D is disabled in Nvidia Control Panel

I"m not sure what else to try at this point. The write-up I attached to mentioned that the difficulty went amethod after upgrading from Windows 8.1 to 10, yet I"m currently on 10.

Current Nvidia driver variation is 417.01


I think I fixed this concern by downgrading my Nvidia driver from the latest 417.21 to 411.63. Something appears to be broken in the brand-new 417 driver develop from Nvidia. My issue is described below:

I was having actually an extremely similar issue as you described. The problem happens after waking the computer up from a monitor off state, not sleep. My second monitor becomes very blurry after the monitors have actually remained in rest mode for a few hrs. I"ve tried completely uninstalling my Nvidia chauffeurs and updating to the latest, no assist. I"ve tried adjusting resolution when the problem occurs, no readjust. If I revolve off the influenced monitor; the computer system completely locks up and hregarding be reset. This began less than a week ago.

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