Save video as greyed out

Sounds trivial? Just go to OptionsUnder the hood and click on clear auto-opening settings, right?

Well... it"s grayed out!So I go to somewright here on the internet and right-click on the attach to an AVI file (the type of file in question) and also conserve it. while it"s being downloaded, I click on the attached drop-down menu and am surprised to watch that "Always open documents of this type" isn"t marked at all. So I mark it and also go back to the clear auto-opening settings - now it is not grayed out. So I click it and also it is grayed out aget.

You watching: Save video as greyed out

Still web links to AVIs open up in chrome in playing mode and also not save as mode...

btw, this mess happens only on my sisters computer system. I"ve checked on mine - Chrome acts as you would certainly have intended.

UPDATE:I"ve checked it on IE, FF and Cr - the habits is the exact same for all 3 browsers on her computer system, whereas the behavior is "standard" on mine. So can it really be a plugin issue, or is it something in her Windows setting?

google-chrome download avi
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Journeyguy Geek♦
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asked Nov 12 "10 at 20:56

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Try this:

Type "about:plugins" right into your deal with bar without the quotes.Scroll dvery own to the plugin named Quicktime and also click the Disable switch just under it.

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answered Nov 12 "10 at 21:30

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It sounds to me like your just option is using a complete uninstaller like Revo Uninstaller to remove the proigram and all its registry entries, then reinstall it. That method, whatever setting gained messed up at some suggest have the right to be restored.

See more: Memory_Corruption Windows 10, Bsod Probably Caused By : Memory_Corruption

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answered Nov 12 "10 at 21:10

Nathan LawrenceNathan Lawrence
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If its Chrome player developed in tag, sindicate best click the player and also select Save video as...

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answered Feb 20 "14 at 23:20

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