Sandboxie not working windows 10

Sandbox function is just one of the few functions which are distinctive to only the Windows 10 Pro edition. Sandbox feature is not accessible via Windows 10 Home. The sandbox gives a sepaprice room for a user to run any application within it, which will certainly not impact any kind of other application or the user’s operating device. This is a very important feature to test out applications from unwell-known resources which otherwise might injury the device.

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If you are dealing with any type of challenge accessing the Sandbox feature in Windows 10 Pro simply follow these fixes.

Fix-1 Turn Sandbox function ‘ON’ from Windows Features-

To access the Sandbox attribute, initially, you have to permit the attribute from Windows Features.

1. Press Windows key+R to open up Run home window.

2. In Run home window, kind or copy-paste “optionalfeatures” and then hit Enter to open up Windows Features.


3. In the Windows Features window, scroll dvery own to the bottom and also click the alternative “Windows Sandbox“.

4. Now, click “OK” to start allowing the attribute on your computer.


It may take a while.

5. When you will notice ‘Windows completed the requested transforms.‘, click on “Close” to close the Windows Features home window.


Your computer system will be restarted.

After rebeginning your computer system, inspect if the feature is enabled or not.

If still, this doesn’t job-related out, go for the following fix.

Fix-2 Modify Security Properties of Sandbox-

If you don’t have full regulate of Windows Sandbox, you might not be able to accessibility it properly.

1. Click on the Search box and also then type “sandbox“.

2. In the elevated search result, right-click “Windows Sandbox” and also then click “Open file location“.


3. Now, aacquire right-click “Sandbox” and also then click “Properties” to accessibility its properties.


4. In Windows Sandbox Properties window, go to the “Security” tab.

5. In the Security home window, click “Edit” to modify the permission area.


6. In Permissions for Windows Sandbox home window, select “Everyone” and then click “Allow” of the alternative “Full control” to permit complete regulate of the sandbox.

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7. Finally, click on “Apply” and also then on “OK” to conserve the alters on your computer.


Cshed Data Explorer window.

8. Now, aget click the Search box alongside the Windows icon and also then kind “sandbox“.

9. Right-click on “Windows Sandbox” from the elevated search outcome and also then click “Run as administrator” to open up Sandbox as an admin.


It need to be functioning fine.

Fix-3 Start-Soptimal necessary services-

Rebeginning instrumental services might occupational out for you.

1. Press Windows key+R.

2. Now, write “solutions.msc” in package beside “Open:” and then hit Enter to open up Services.


3. In the Services window, double click on the “Netoccupational Virtualization Service” to accessibility its properties.


4. In-Network Virtualization Service Properties home window, click “Stop” to stop the business.

Wait for a while as the company will certainly be stopped in a while.

5. Now, click “Start” to begin the organization aget on your computer.

6. Finally, click “Apply” and also then on “OK” to save the transforms.


7. What you need to carry out following is to double click on “Virtual Disk” to start it.


8. At first, initially, click on “Start” to start the stopped organization.

10. Then, click “Apply” and also then on “OK” to save the alters.


11. Same way, scroll as much as uncover and also right-click on “Hyper-V Host Computer Service” and then click on the “Restart“.


12. Thenn, aobtain scroll up and also right-click on “Container Manager Service” and also click on “Restart” to start-speak the company.

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After refounding all these services on your computer, close the Services home window.