Sabrent usb floppy disk drive troubleshooting


If you are suffering worries through the floppy drive in your computer system, review the troubleshooting choices listed below to try and also solve the difficulty.

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The troubleshooting choices and also details below are for floppy disk drive issues and not for problems about not being able to check out one or 2 floppy disks. For floppy check out errors see: Why can not my computer system review a floppy diskette?

Bad floppy diskette

Verify the floppy diskette you are attempting to read from is not compose defended or poor. Verify the diskette is not compose safeguarded by sliding the tab right into the oppowebsite position, staying clear of light from shining through it. If you perform not have actually a tab, area tape over this hole.

Because of the modern technology of floppy diskette drives, the floppy diskettes ist a lot of most likely bad. Verify that various other floppy diskettes are not exhibiting the very same issue.

If other floppies occupational, you might have a negative floppy diskette.

Not setup in BIOS

Verify the floppy drive is correctly configured in BIOS setup. If the floppy drive is not set up correctly, you may experience read/compose errors or the floppy might not occupational at all. Many computers must have actually the floppy setup as a 3.5, 1.44 MB.

Eliminating possible disputes through various other hardware

If you have freshly set up any kind of brand-new hardware, disconnect it temporarily to ensure that it"s not leading to the floppy drive not to job-related.

Not associated properly

Verify the floppy cable coming from the motherboard is associated to the earlier of the floppy drive. If associated, disattach and reconnect the floppy drive cable to verify it is seated correctly.


Verify a power cable is associated to the earlier of the floppy drive.If your floppy cable has actually even more than one connection, verify it"s associated to the proper link. The over image illustprices wright here each drive is associated.

Bad drivers

If you are not able to review or create to a floppy diskette from Windows, verify the computer system is not exhibiting floppy driver worries by testing the floppy drive from MS-DOS.

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If you are running Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows 2000, or Windows 2000, click Start, Shutdown, and also Restart the computer system to an MS-DOS prompt.

If you are running Windows 3.x, click File and also pick Exit Windows to get to an MS-DOS prompt.

Once at the prompt, place a diskette right into the floppy disk drive and form format a:.

If you obtain any kind of of the adhering to errors when trying to format the floppy disk:

Invalid media or Track 0 Bad - Try formatting another floppy disk.

Write Protect Error - Ensure the disk is not compose protected by removing the floppy disk and also verifying you cannot view with both holes. If you can check out light, move the tab on the left side (as soon as looking from the back) to the dvery own place and try aacquire. If the disk is not compose protected, try an additional floppy disk.

Invalid drive specification - Verify the floppy drive is configured appropriately in BIOS setup.

If the floppy disk drive formats properly in MS-DOS however does not format in Windows, Windows or a regimen within Windows is preventing the floppy drive from functioning. End task all running TSRs and also background programs. If you continue to endure the exact same problems, we recommend Windows be remounted.

Bad hardware

If you proceed to experience problems after adhering to the above actions, hardware in the computer system is negative. Relocation the complying with hardware in the computer system in the below order.

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Relocation the floppy information cable that connects the computer system floppy drive to the motherboard.Rearea the floppy drive if the floppy data cable did not fix your concerns.Rearea or research that the motherboard be reinserted.