Run avg in safe mode

After my Ultimate updated I am no much longer able to run a virus sdeserve to in safe mode. Operating in Windows 10.

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Sarath Rajagopal(Avast)
Hi Peter,We understand also your issue and also to assist through the concern much better please kindly carry out the screenswarm of the worry using listed below attach. you.
Alan Binch
Peter, For your info, simply in situation that you are unconscious, you deserve to write-up the screenswarm below in your topic. Click on 'Answer' & then click on the 'Image' & follow the instructions. Guru
Peter Honik

Hello Peter,We are really sorry to recognize that. Are you receiving any error message while initiating Sdeserve to on your system? Thank you.

I have actually the very same mode. To settle it tells me, tright here is another Anti virus regimen running: Free Edition.

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I'm asked to uninstall it...How have the right to I obtain the safe mode again???

urgent!!!Thank you in advance


Hello Peter,From the screenswarm you have actually attached, we can check out that your Antivirus free running in passive mode given that you have actually an additional Antivirus routine mounted. So we indicate to uninstall your one more Antivirus routine that you have mounted in your computer system. Thank you.
I seem to have actually 2 chats on the same subject wbelow 1 perchild is informing me that Antivirus does not run in safe mode '' and also the other perchild tells me that I have actually an additional antivirus running at the very same time. I am not sure my question is interpreted. I an beginning my computer system in safe mode therefore there is no antivirus running. When I attempt to run is safe mode it will no longer attribute. It operated fine prior to the upgrade.
Hello Peter,Unfortunately will not run in the Safe mode. You need to reboot your computer in normal mode to run a sdeserve to or open up the regimen.The article related to the an additional antivirus is for another customer that is facing via one more concern.We would favor to increate you that in Safe Mode, Windows won't fill third-party startup programs or hardware vehicle drivers.Only the applications pertained to operating system will job-related in safe mode. We research you to run in normal mode and carry out the shave the right to in you
You store informing me that will not run in safe mode. I tell you that before the upday that taken place eariler this week it would certainly run in safe mode. Your answer that 'We would certainly like to increate you that in Safe Mode, Windows won't fill third-party startup programs or hardware motorists.' is incorrect. The updated will certainly not run in safe mode. I purchased Uktimate a year back through a 2 year subscription. The update that pushed to my computer rerelocated the classiccomputers.infos capacity to run in safe mode; my Windows 10 regime did not change. Also, the second short article that I referred to was my short article. I began the brand-new write-up bereason I didn' know at the time, just how to obtain earlier into the write-up.  
Peter, Quote "I started the new post bereason I didn' recognize at the time, just how to gain ago right into the post".. Log onto the Community. Click on 'All Questions'
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Hello Peter Honik,We definitely understand also your concern. We have actually sent you an e-mail instruction to acquire connected with our technological assistance team. Please follow those instructions to call them and also you should be able to deal with your concern. Thank you.

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Hello Peter, We truly apologize for the inconvenience brought about. We kindly research you to follow the email instructions that has been sent to you in order to attach with our remote technician. We would like to offer you a totally free remote assistance organization as a ideal means of readdressing it and also you don't have to pay for the business. We have sent out an email via the instructions to connect with our technician. Thank you.