Rift usb driver update recommended

The oculus app (I have Rift S) is informing me to update my Intel USB 3.0 driver however its dated June 1ninth of this year(2019). Im pretty sure its the latest. its 10.0.18362.207

am I wrong? is there a newer driver? simply curious. many thanks in development.

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it claims the more recent driver have the right to resolve tracking problems which I perform have actually some of.

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I have the very same thing happening, not certain what its all about, it simply seems to stay that method.

I"m waiting for an upday yet haven"t viewed anypoint yet i"m still on Oculus App. variation 1.38.

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Same here: latest USB driver and also Oculus application. When I start the Oculus app, occasionally tright here is green light, periodically yellow via this stselection USB upday info. If you browse with the Oculus forum, you will certainly uncover that others are seeing the same. Yesterday, I did a wonderful trip from EDDL to LIRF through the PMDG 747 in VR - all working fine here. Just ignore it.


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I do not mean to sidetrack this threview (I have the exact same ovariety dot re USB update too by the way) but my a lot of pressing instant issue is that I wear glasses and also can not see the guperiods in the cockpit. I"ve tried with glasses and also without via fundamentally the very same clarity. Is tright here a solution to this? I ssuggest downloaded the Rift app, went through the setup actions and then started Xaircraft. Went through the hanger without problem and also then jumped into the 737 for a quick trip. 

Download Oculus Traydevices and crank up the Default Supersampling up till you are satisfied. For me 1.6 is acceptable.

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Downpack Oculus Traytools and also crank up the Default Supersampling up till you are satisfied. For me 1.6 is acceptable.

or usage the had Oculus Debug tool you"ll uncover it in your Oculus folder. I disable ASW and also collection PD to 1.6


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