Restriction: service communication failure: pnkbstra.exe

When I attempt to play in a multiplayer server, I acquire kicked automatically, the game quits and I obtain the complying with error in Battlelog:

Game disconnected: you were kicked by PunkBuster. Stated reason: PunkBuster kicked player "****" (for 0 minutes) ... RESTRICTION: Service Communication Failure: PnkBstrA.exe

How do I solve this?



Reinstall PunkBuster to fix the trouble.

You watching: Restriction: service communication failure: pnkbstra.exe

Browse to your Battlefield 3 install folder and also open pbsvc.exe.

Select Install/Re-Install PunkBuster Service, click Next and also wait for the installation to complete.




You say that the install/reinsall alternative should be offered, but your screenshot has the uninstall option schosen. Made me think for a 2nd, it's confutilizing at initially. –user41123 Oct 8 "14 at 16:12
In a lot of cases the difficulty is brought about by outdated or invalid punkbuster installation. The most basic solution is to go to (the developers of punkbuster) and also downfill PBSetup.

Extract the downloaded archive and also run pbsetup.exe. Once the launching prompts are done, include your game if it isn"t tright here yet, and press upday punkbuster. After it"s done updating, you have to be great to go.

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It"s always an excellent principle to store anti-cheats updated to proccasion unmeant habits.


Press Windows button and R at the exact same timeenter "Services.msc"Locate PnkBstraA on the listMark both and pick "Start the service" on the left side.4B. If already running rebegin it.
NO PB IS ISSUE FOR METHIS FIXED MY PROBLEM FOR GOOD HAPPYReverting your Video Game Setups to their Default State:NOTE: This solution is particularly useful for those who both use the Cloud Save function and play Battlefield 3 on different Computers, as synchronizing your game settings throughout different computers might reason crash-connected issues.Completing these steps and also reverting your Setups back to Default will certainly reason you to shed your single-player game development.

Go to your Start Menu and also pick My Documents, then Battlefield 3, and lastly Setups.Delete the adhering to files: PROF_SAVE_body, PROF_SAVE_header and PROF_SAVE_profile.Login to the Origin Client and launch Battlefield 3 tunstable Origin.If motivated to synchronize papers through the server, don"t and also instead choose Local Files.

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Disabling your Onboard Sound Card:

Go to your Start Menu and select "Control Panel."Select "Device Manager."Locate your Sound Card and also double click.Go to the "Driver" tab and select "Disable." NOTE: This step will revolve off your sound if you only have actually an onboard sound card. To turn earlier on walk through those very same steps and pick "Enable."

Updating your Network Integration Card (NIC):

Start -> Computer -> System Properties -> Device ManagerLocate your NIC card under Netjob-related AdaptersRight-Click and Select "Upday Driver Software.Walk through the prompts (commonly "Next" -> "Install the sofware automatically" -> "Next")Reboot may be forced after effective upday.

Disabling Windows Aero:

Right-Click on your Deskpeak and pick "Personalize."Scroll down and also select "Windows 7 Basic."