Restore detected an error on page

I"m attempting to restore a SQL Server 2012 .BAK file to my local server. I"ve properly recovered this .BAK file before. However currently, once I attempt, I obtain the complying with error:

RESTORE detected an error on web page (0:0) in database "databasename" as read from the backup set.

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Running the following command also works:

RESTORE HEADERONLY FROM DISK = "D:database.bak"However, running the following:

RESTORE VERIFYONLY FROM DISK = "D:database.bak"Retransforms the following error:

Msg 3203, Level 16, State 1, Line 1Read on "D:database.bak" failed: 13(The data is invalid.)Msg 3013, Level 16, State 1, Line 1VERIFY DATABASE is terminating abcommonly.I downloaded the .BAK file from an FTP server aobtain this morning and acquired the exact same error. I asked someone else with accessibility to the exact same backup file and they can restore it through no concerns at all. Any ideas?

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asked Sep 23 "13 at 18:40

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Check that you are downloading with binary transfer mode making use of FTP. Many clients will try to autodetect, then fall earlier to binary. .bak may not be known as binary, and might therefore have actually all "s interpreted to , corrupting the data.

If that is not the instance, make sure the server version you are attempting to restore through is newer or equal to the server version the original backup was taken through. See SELECT
VERSION for an easy to compare examine.

Beyond that, assuming the original backup functions fine in other places, do a binary checkamount of both records... perhaps some disk error or various other transport is bring about corruption. You can use fciv.exe -add c:database.bak or a comparable energy to calculate the checkamount.

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It is additionally possible to take a good backup of a corrupt database. The original database can be corrupt - I do not recognize why it would certainly have restored effectively elsewhere, but it might take place. You have the right to verify the original database by running DBCC CHECKDB("DatabaseName") WITH NO_INFOMSGS, ALL_ERRORMSGS on the server the backup was tackled.

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answered Sep 23 "13 at 18:54

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