Resolution not supported change the resolution of the external device

Assistance configuring tool settings, utilizing OS attributes such as display screen mirroring, adjusting display screen type and also audio settings, making use of Guest Mode, and assistance with software program updates.

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I have actually had actually my device for practically a month. Just yesterday my TV quit recognizing it. For some factor my TV is saying the resolution of tool is not sustained and also that I should adjust to resolution to the external tool. However before I can not carry out that if will not open up up on my TV. I have actually tried the recollection button and that does nopoint. I am pretty annoyed bereason it does not seem to be a way to settle this and I have actually wasted my money on this gadget. Tbelow is no one to talk to in customer organization due to covid so now I"m stuck and also no pleased at all.

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Is it a stick or a consingle (bit box)? Does the light on the tool flash once you press a switch on the remote? Do you hear a sound when you press a switch on the remote?Assuming you have the right to still manage it, you can attempt blindly altering the resolution:Press Home on the remote 3 or 4 timesPress Up, Right, and then Dvery own 3 timesPress Right, Down, and then OKThat must readjust the resolution to somepoint else. Assuming it was collection to "Auto detect" that have to collection it to 720p and also hopetotally display somepoint on your TV. Once you gain something to display screen you have the right to try the various other reoptions.If you still can"t acquire any screen attempt a different HDMI input on your TV and/or a different HDMI cable.

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