Request was denied for security fix

I use cordova 6.3.1 and also crosswalk of cordova plugin 2.1.0 in Android App.I usage self certification in server.When I sfinish http post research from cordova app to server, "Repursuit was denied for security" message appeared in screen bottom possion and http short article request is fail.I deserve to sfinish http write-up repursuit using old crosswalk of cordova plugin(1.5.0).Do you know someone services.※Following site strategy is not job-related

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I had the exact same Toast message displaying Research was denied for defense. For me it was also certificate associated but the solution was unintended. The device time of my tool was off by fairly a little bit (almost a year) and this led to the ssl interaction to fail. Correcting the time resolved it for me. (Thanks to the Google accounts page, which likewise encountered the exact same error in the internet browser and also provided an extremely nice explanation about the factor.)



I was encountering the very same difficulty. Try to remove the meta tag for CSP (Content Security Policy), and include the lines below in config.xml:

Also, I have actually mounted the cordova-plugin-whitelist and the crosswalk-lite.Run cordova clean before construct your android application.

I hope it helps!

--- EDIT ---

The over solution just worked in debug mode for me.So, I found a work approximately utilizing cordova-plugin-crosswalk-certificate through Crosswalk version 18+!


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I had my url wrong(Custom domain) through a spelling mistake and you can likewise examine whether the ssl certificate is valid, it gives error, when your ssl certificate is expired.

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