Replacing the fan on a hp laptop

Replacing any kind of component in a lappeak needs patience, solid company skills, and a good job-related room. With enough patience and perseverance anyone have the right to execute it!

In order to properly relocation the dv7 cooling fan you should work-related on a level surface through excellent lighting and plenty of room to keep little parts arranged so that the computer system have the right to be put earlier together without issue.

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Make sure sufficient time is set aside to complete the procedure in one sitting. This project"s approximated time structure is 4 to 6 hours.

WARNING: Before poignant electronic computer system components, such as the motherboard, CPU, or RAM, discharge all static electricity by emotional a grounded steel object.

WARNING: Disassembling a laptop and also replacing components by yourself regularly voids the warranty. Handle all computer system parts via care, and also be patient.


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Tip 1 Cooling fan


Tip 2

The latch pictured on the bottom of the lappeak holds the battery in location. Slide the latch to the left to remove the battery.

Slide the latch to the right to release the t-shaped plastic cover.

Tip 3


Lay out a diagram of the bottom of the laptop. Make sure to mark all of the screw holes.

Note: This action is optional, yet it is very recommended. The diagram is offered solely for keeping track of the screws on the bottom of the lapoptimal.

Step 4

Carecompletely rerelocate all twenty screws from the external lapoptimal situation.

Remove the eight Phillips PM2.5x5.0 screws from both difficult drive compartments, and also area them on the diagram.

Note:If a screw is also tight, use pliers for added grip and torque.

Caretotally location all screws in the correct spot on the diagram. Many type of screws are various sizes and lengths. It is very crucial that all screws go earlier into the very same screw hole they came out of during re-assembly.

Tip 5

Disaffix the difficult drive by gently pulling the plastic tab connector from the motherboard port.

Step 6

Step 7

Gently press the tabs amethod from the sides of the RAM chips to release them. (Push the tabs in the direction of the arrows.)

Tip 8

To start rerelocating the wireless card, disconnect the attached wires.

Rerelocate the 2 PM 2.0x4.0 screws from the corners of the wireless card. Removing the screws will reason the wiremuch less card to pop up.

Carefully remove the wiremuch less card.

Tip 9

Tip 10

Tip 11

Turn the lapoptimal right-side-up, and also open up the display screen. Loosen the keyboard by closely prying it up making use of your fingernails, closely working along the edges.

Note: Keyboard tricks might pop off. Re-attach them after you re-attach the key-board.

Slowly lift the keyboard away from the instance.

Lift the plastic tab that connects the keyboard ribbon cable to the motherboard.

Step 12

Tip 13

Remove the 2 PM 2.5x5.0 screws from beneath the key-board.

Step 14

Use your fingers to release the optimal cover. Start at the peak ideal edge. and work-related your method around the faceplate.

Note: You can also use a little flat-head screwdriver if your fingers carry out not fit. You will certainly hear some popping sounds as the faceplate comes off.

Tip 15

Tip 16

Lift the tab covering the SD card reader ribbon to unplug it.

See more: Code 800B0100 Windows 7 Update S Kb974145, How To Fix Error Code 800B0100 In Windows 7

Tip 17

Unplug the speaker wire from the port in the reduced left hand also edge of the lapheight.

Gently pull the plastic tab attached to the screen wire to disconnect the display.

Step 18

Step 19

Remove the 5 screws that host the motherboard and also fan in area.

Carecompletely remove the motherboard and also fan.

Tip 20

Flip the motherboard over. Use a micro- screwdriver to rerelocate the screws holding the fan assembly in location.

Note: You may need to cut or remove a bar code sticker from the fan/warm sink assembly.

Step 21

Rerelocate the fan/warmth sink assembly.

Tip 22

The old fan deserve to be removed by sliding it out of the fan/heat sink assembly.

Note: You deserve to use canned air to clean out the fan vents for much better CPU cooling.

Insert the brand-new fan into the fan slot in the fan/warmth sink assembly. Put the assembly earlier along with the micro screws.

Before reassembly, make certain your new fan freely rotates within its real estate.

Step 23

Use cotton swabs, paper towels, and alcohol to gently remove old thermal compound from the fan/warmth sink assembly and also motherboard.

CAUTION: Do not pour rubbing alcohol on the motherboard or other components! The rubbing alcohol may cause serious damages to your computer.

Apply a tiny amount of new thermal compound to the center of the brass area of the warm sink. Both locations that need new thermal compound are noted with red boxes.

Tip 24

Re-attach the warm sink assembly to the motherboard.

CAUTION: Do not over-tighten screws. Finger tighten them till snug. If you apply as well much torque, you may damage components.

Althe majority of done!

Follow the procedures in reverse order to reassemble.

Once you have actually reassembled the lappeak, your repair is finish. If you require additional help, watch the HP Pavilion dv7 Maintenance and Service Guide on HP"s support website (attach to guide:


Follow the steps in reverse order to reassemble.

Once you have actually reassembled the lapheight, your repair is finish. If you need additional aid, view the HP Pavilion dv7 Maintenance and Service Guide on HP"s support webwebsite (connect to guide:

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