Remove word from dictionary chrome

Chrome’s spellinspect function is handy, and functions simply prefer you’d expect: it underlines misspelled words, which you can right-click to view said spellings. You can also include a word to the dictionary. But what execute you perform when you accidentally include a misspelled word? We’ve acquired the answer.

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Access the Chrome Custom Thesaurus via a Link

Like the majority of settings in Chrome, the tradition dictionary is accessible through a URL. In the Chrome address bar, simply kind (or copy and paste) the complying with address and also hit Enter:

chrome://settings/editDictionary The practice dictionary lists all words that you have manually included to Chrome’s spelling list. Just click the X to the ideal of any word you desire to remove.


When you’re done rerelocating words, you deserve to click Done or just close the Chrome tab.

Access the Chrome Custom Dictionary with the Chrome Setups Page

While the most basic method to acquire to the Chrome tradition dictionary is by utilizing the straight link, you have the right to likewise accessibility it within the UI with the Setups interconfront.

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Why bother? Well, possibly you just choose learning wbelow things are. Tright here are also some added language tools along the method you might discover exciting.

In Chrome, click the Customize button and also then choose Settings.


In the Settings window, scroll to the bottom and click “Sexactly how Advanced Settings” to expand also your settings options.


In the advanced settings, click the “Language and also input settings” button.


The Langueras page lets you include new language dictionaries to be included through spell checking, simply in case you occupational in multiple languperiods. At the bottom of the window, click the “Custom spelling dictionary” link.


And you’ll uncover yourself at exact same custom dictionary window you can access via the straight address we talked around previously.