Remove printer from active directory

I had a standalone Windows 2012 box that was acting as the printer server in my domajor. Because then I"ve rerelocated it and relocated printer hosting elsewhere.

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However before, once I open up up the brochure (via "add a netoccupational printer"), I still see printers that were organized by that old server. How have the right to I rerelocate those catalog entries if the server is no much longer around?

You must be able to manually remove them from ADVERTISEMENT. If the previous print servers computer object still exists you have the right to delete the printers from the servers computer object in ADUC by picking the choice to watch Users, Contacts, Groups and also Computers as objects, then find the computer object for the previous server, choose it in the left pane and delete the printers in the ideal pane.

You have the right to likewise produce a query in ADUC to find all printers and also then delete them from the query outcomes.

Additionally, catalog pruning of printers must take place immediately, unless magazine pruning has been disabled through GPO.

How lengthy has this printer server been offline or is it that the server is still running however no much longer serving as a print server?


Ah, I hadn't deleted the Computer object from ADUC. I could have actually sworn I had, which was what had actually me puzzled. Removed the printers via ADUC, which addressed the trouble and then appropriately removed the object. –user189133 Feb 19 "15 at 18:40

Depublish printers on an alive server or deletion of publish printers could likewise fail if one has permitted protectedFromAccidentialDeletion.

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favor this

Get-ADObject -Filter * -SearchBase "OU=Servers,DC=doprimary,DC=local" | Set-ADObject -protectedFromAccidentalDeletion $trueThe Get-ADObject will certainly not just choose OU, Computers and also Users, but likewise Container objects, even leading to the continual depublish process to fail without any warning.

Quite self explaining one would need to rerelocate the defense from the object.

Get-ADObject -Filter "Objectcourse -eq "computer"" -SearchBase "OU=Servers,DC=domain,DC=local" | Set-ADObject -protectedFromAccidentalDeletion $true



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