Remove administrative tools from start menu

The StartMenuAdminTools Key doesnt seem to occupational anymore and also hasn"t for a while, the GPP for Start Menu - Do not Sexactly how the Administrative Tools does not occupational either.We have to have actually the tools show for administrators but not display for typical users. 
We have the right to collection the pergoals on the folder yet the empty folder still shows, we desire the folder to not be on the begin food selection for traditional individuals and also then present as soon as an administrator logs in... or if tbelow is a way to rerelocate them completely from the begin menu without removing them from the manage panel (They seem to be linked) then this may be OK as we have the right to block the Administrative Tools CPL for typical customers, however once any kind of symbols are rerelocated psychically from the start food selection they are rerelocated from the manage panel also. 

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You"ll need to make the complying with registry settings rearea the user"s regisattempt. SoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionExplorerAdvancedStartMenuAdminToolsDecial 0SoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionExplorerAdvanced StartMenuAdminToolsDecial 0

 or you deserve to do these

Go to User Configuration | Precommendations | Control Pannel Setups | Start Menu.

Right-click > New > Start menu and then browse till the Administrative devices and also select "Do not display this item". That"s all !



Thanks yet the reg key pointed out is the exact same as I stated and also doesn"t job-related anyeven more in Windows 10, this is Domajor for 100s of computer systems so it requirements to be automated so your second choice wont work im afrassist.. 

Anyone else have a viable method, cheers


TheScorpio wrote:


Thanks yet the reg crucial stated is the very same as I mentioned and also does not work anyeven more in Windows 10, this is Domajor for 100s of computer systems so it needs to be automated so your second option wont occupational im afraid.. 

Anyone else have actually a viable method, cheers

Copy the brochure in other places for your techs and then rerelocate the folder from the start menu.

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Just a believed. 

If you set your admin account to show concealed records and you set your typical user accounts not to, you can ssuggest ideal click the folder and also tick Hidden. Then they wouldn"t watch it on start but admins would certainly. However, without putting more policies in place, the conventional user "could" go under folder choices and also tick show concealed files and folders to check out it aobtain.

Hi Guys, dont really want to be moving anypoint ameans from the default, we have actually admins at the college which are notthe "brightest", would certainly choose to simply have actually the folder not there, its madness that tright here isnt somepoint developed in like tright here provided to be. Nopoint works on the latest builds.

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The best one is the simply adjust the perobjectives, the folder is still in the begin menu yet it is empty, I dont think tright here is anything main simply yet ie GPOS, or at leastern a functioning reg crucial. Cheers.

I have uncovered doing this breaks Administrator Tools in using regulate panel. Also breaks right-clicking My PC --> Manage

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